Seperate Award Planned For S2000 BTCC Runners In 2013

by Scott Mitchell

There are plans for the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) to introduce a new S2000 award for the top performers in the older-specification cars in 2013.

The cars have been on the BTCC grid since 2004, but are dwindling in both numbers and performance compared to the NGTC-spec machines, which are improving all the time.

Despite rumours to the contrary, S2000 cars were guaranteed to be on the grid next season, following a previously arranged deal, and BTCC Series Director Alan Gow plans to reward their continuation by introducing a race-by-race trophy and end-of-season award – though he ruled out there being a separate points system akin to the Independents championship.

He said: “There has been sufficient interest from competitors who wish to compete with current S2000 cars to warrant an award for their efforts.”

“Therefore we will award silverware to the top S2000 finisher in each race which will accumulate to an overall trophy at the end of the season. It means those teams, drivers and sponsors who are looking to eventually move up to NGTC machinery can still actively participate in the BTCC and benefit from its profile.”

“It is important to stress this will not take the form of a separate points-based championship. However, we will announce the exact details and the name of the award in the near future.”

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