Live: WEC Six Hours Of Silverstone: Race – Part Two

FIA World Endurance Championship (Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

This live blog will be updated during the middle two hours of the Six Hours of Silverstone, the first round of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

16:00Part three of our live blog from Silverstone FIA World Endurance Championship is now live and can be foundHERE

15:59Contact between the Krohn Ferrari and the #51 AF Corse Ferrari, the latter losing out

15:57LMP2 leaders #25 pit, the #45 car is also in the pits and has been for some time.

15:56Tom Kristensen takes the fastest lap of the race with 1:43.695

15:54#8 Toyota is in the pits, scheduled pitstop by the looks of it

15:51Both the #7 Toyota and the #2 Audi have slight mistakes with a lock up and running wide off track

15:49Christoffer Nygard continues the Aston Martin domination in the GTE Am class, #81 Ferrari of Philipp Pepper in second while third place is currently the #50 Corvette

15:48#7 Toyota in the pits for a driver change, Wurz back in control

15:47Stefan Mucke continues in the lead of the GTE Pro class in the #97 Aston Martin, Kobayashi is doing a solid job on his FIA WEC debut in the #71 Ferrari with the #92 Porsche in third

15:45James Walker leads the LMP2 class in the #25 Delta-ADR with the OAK racing #24 in second while the #35 of Baguette remains in third

15:43Audi continue to lead #1 and #2, Buemi in the #8 Toyota third with Lapierre in fourth

15:43Looks like whatever the problem with the KCMG car has been solved and the car heads out on track once again

15:42Gianmaria Bruni brings in the #51 AF Corse Ferrari for a pitstop, the #47 KCMG LMP2 is still in the garage being worked on, as is the #45 OAK racing car

15:40Patrick Bornhauser and team manager (Car #50) being called to race control

15:39Flash fire in the KCMG pit as the #47 is worked on, quickly put out, #1 Audi pits

15:38#45 is pulled in to the garage while the #2 Audi pits for a scheduled stop

15:37Looking at the weather radar, we may see some rain in the closing stages of the race, possibly around 5pm

15:36#41 and #88 in the pits while the #45 OAK is slow on circuit, now coming in to the pits, #47 also in

15:30Bruno Senna “Can’t complain too much” about his first FIA WEC run and admits that its difficult to deal with the traffic

15:28GTE Pro leaders #97 Aston Martin pits for a driver change, Stefan Mucke now in control

15:26Cheng has spun the #13 Rebellion coming on to the pit straight

15:25The #1 Audi of Lotterer sets the fastest lap of the race on lap 111 with a tie of 1:43.698

15:24#13 Rebellion pits for fuel as the #8 Toyota gets a little sideways

15:23Other than the #31 Lotus Praga which stopped out on track earlier and the #21 Strakka LMP1 we have all cars out on circuit after nearly 3 and a half hours of racing

15:21We’re back racing again as the marshals have cleared the track

15:20The #12 Rebellion have also pitted with Prost taking over the driving duties

15:19#49 and #45 in the pits along with the #81 Ferrari

15:18LMP2 leaders KCMG come in to the pitlane, looks like a driver change, #25 Delta-ADR takes over the lead with James Walker leading the way

15:17FULL COURSE YELLOW – Debris being cleared at turns 2 and 3

15:16The #88 Proton Competition Porsche is currently running third in class after missing qualifying yesterday following a heavy impact in Free Practice 3 in the morning

15:16The #26 which was involved in the incident with the 8 Star Ferrari remains in the garage, currently being worked on by the team

15:15Brundle takes over driving duties in the #24 car, resuming in fourth place, KCMG leads #LMP2

15:13#7 Toyota comes in to the pits, along with LMP2 leader #24

15:12KCMG are having a strong race on their FIA WEC debut, currently running in second place in the LMP2 class with Alexandre Impertori lapping faster than the #24 who has pitted only 3 timess compared to four of the KCMG car

15:11Seems that the #26 and #81 got together in turn 2 resulting in the on-track debris, the #26 is now being pushed in to the garage to be worked on

15:09Engine cover of one of the G-Drive cars, looks like the #26 is blowing down the track at Turn 2

15:08#8 Toyota In the pits for a scheduled stop and driver change, Buemi takes over, #92 Porsche also in

15:06#99 Aston Martin of Makowiecki comes in to the pits as the 8 Star Ferrari spins at Village

15:06#24 Oak Racing leads LMP2 with #47 KCMG now in 2nd place

15:05The second place GTE Pro #71 Ferrari is in the pits

15:05#24 Oak Racing now back on the lead lap for LMP2

15:05#32 Lotus has issues with right rear in pitlane, following from earlier damage. #25 Delta-ADR is in pitlane – Graves out and Walker in

15:01After hour 3, #1 Audi leads LMP1, #25 Delta-ADR leads LMP2, #97 Aston Martin leads GTE Pro and #95 Aston Martin leads GTE Am

14:57#1 Audi has gone past #2 Audi, as Loterrer takes the lead

14:57#13 Rebellion has just gone off track

14:55Fassler out and Loterrer in – tyre and fuel stop for the reigning champions

14:54#1 Audi now in pit lane

14:54#8 Toyota now back down a lap, as #1 Audi goes past

14:53#2 Audi pits, with Duval out and Kristensen in. Tyres and fuel stop

14:5330 second stop and go penalty for #96 Aston Martin for speeding in pit lane

14:51#50 Larbre Corvette under investigation for overtaking under earlier Full Course Yellow

14:46#21 Strakka was pushed wide by #61 AF Corse, as stated by Nick Leventis

14:42#97 Aston Martin currently driven by @BSenna leads GTE Pro

14:41#61 AF Corse now back out on track after repairs completed

14:40#91 Porsche in the pits – Timo Bernhard has got behind the wheel

14:39Team Manager of #50 has been asked to report immediately to Race Control

14:37Ant Davidson says that the TS030 is suffering with graining on front tyres

14:34#24 Oak Racing forced onto the grass after slight contact with the #81 8 Star Ferrari

14:33#13 Rebellion Racing back onto slicks in pit lane

14:32#51 Ferrari in the pits for tyres and fuel, whilst #24 Oak Racing spins

14:31#49 Pecom Racing in for fuel and tyres

14:31#7 Toyota is back on slicks and has left pitlane

14:30#47 KCMG and #12 Rebellion in the pits

14:30#1 & #2 Audi LMP1 cars have just passed #7 Toyota, which pits after no luck with the Hybrid tyres – track is drying

14:29#61 Ferrari still being feverishly working on in the garage

14:28#24 Oak Racing has left pitlane after fuel stop only

14:27#24 Oak Racing now in 2nd place with #47 KCMG in third for LMP2

14:27#25 Delta-ADR now leads LMP2 class after #26 G-Drive spun at Club and hit the wall

14:25Correction – #7 has gone back onto the lead lap

14:24#96 and #88 reported for speeding in pit lane – #8 Toyota has got back onto the lead lap

14:23#1 into the lead, having been side by side up until Brooklands and Fassler takes the lead

14:22#8 Toyota off at Club, with #7 Toyota in for tyres and fuel – Hybrid tyres have been fitted

14:21Last lap timed at 3m08s

14:20#12 Rebellion and #26 G-Drive LMP2 leader. #47 KCMG in the pits as well

14:19#96 car spun out at Stowe

14:19#8 Toyota in the pits – staying on slick tyres – now exited pit lane

14:17#25 Delta-ADR in the pits

14:17#26 G-Drive limping back to the pits – smoking heavily from damaged front end – spun out at Club

14:16#97 Aston Martin pits for Bruno Senna to take over driving duties

14:15Now at Full Course Caution on track

14:15#26 G-Drive hit the wall on the main straight – front end damage

14:14#13 Rebellion and #8 Toyota go wide as well at Village

14:13#96 Aston spins at Village

14:13Rain in pitlane, as #7 Toyota pits – rain in increasing in intensity

14:11#51 Ferrari, #96 Aston and #81 Ferrari in the pits

14:11#24 Oak Racing car off track

14:10#13 Rebellion Racing car in the pits

14:10Race Director has called team manager for #7 Toyota to go to Race Control

14:08Gap between #2 and #1 Audi just under 9.5 seconds

14:07#45 Oak Racing LMP2 back out on track

14:06#1 Audi leaves pitlane – fuel stop only

14:05#1 Audi now in the pits

14:05#1 Audi R18 e-tron with Fassler behind the wheel now leads

14:04#2 Audi LMP1 leader now in the pits

14:04#45 Oak Racing LMP2has possible suspension damage to left rear – tyre is punctured

14:02#17 Aston Martin GTE-AM Leader in the pits