A True Bavarian Tradition Comes To Zandvoort

BMW Motorsport may have travelled 850 kilometres to the dusty North Sea coast here at Zandvoort, but there was a welcome change to the normal activities that are a part of the DTM. The Munich manufacturer brought along some welcome traction from Bavaria, thanks to both Team Schnitzer and Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt.

Marquardt along with the 2012 Team Champions, run by Charly Lamm, sported the tradition Lederhose for a unique pit stop practice experience. The mechanics got in the festivities by carrying out several pit stops in the traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest attire, which brought a true Germanic feel to the weekend.

Herr Marquardt said the tradition words of “O’zapft is!” when he tapped the ceremonial keg of beer outside the BMW Hopsitality suite, which brought traditional refreshment accompanied with some pretzels for all to enjoy the atmosphere that is associated with the widely-celebrated festival. “Oktoberfest is an integral part of Munich – and we brought the unique atmosphere of the world’s largest fair to the North Sea today. And an evening like this is also an entertaining change from the everyday routing on a race weekend.”

Lamm said that Team Schnitzer may have competed around the world, but we was proud of where the team comes from and welcome the unique event that was fun for all: “However, our home is and always will be Upper Bavaria. It is a nice idea to continue our traditions here on the North Sea coast. That was a very different pit stop practice.”

This has been a helping hand in bringing a different feel to the weekend, as BMW Motorsport could find this as a welcome good luck charm, as the talking stops when the wheels get turned in anger…

JM Barrell
Tradition comes to the track as Marquardt taps the barrel. (Credit: BMW Motorsport)