Jordan King Aiming for European Glory after British Success

Twenty-year-old Jordan King is racing for a second season in the FIA European Formula 3 Championship for Carlin in 2014, and took a podium in the first race of the season at Silverstone. He comes into this season on a high after winning the British Formula 3 title in 2013, but the level-headed Briton knows it is only the beginning.

“I never really reflect and gloat on the past as there is always more to do and achieve in the future, So being British F3 champion is great but I still want to achieve more in my career,” said King to The Checkered Flag. “As for last year I felt I made massive progress and looking back on Silverstone last weekend I used that experience very well in race one to finish 3rd.”

He is thankful to Trevor Carlin for giving him another opportunity at the European title in his team, and wants to build on the sixth place he secured in his rookie season last year that contained four podium finishes.

“To stay at the same team has some great advantages it keeps the continuity of the programme I know the team I know my engineer how we work how to get the best out of people so our productivity and progress is greater than it would be if we were starting afresh – and for this to be with a great team like Carlin is a massive bonus.”

Looking back at the opening weekend, he admitted that he was aiming for a bit better than a third, a sixth and a ninth in the three races at Silverstone, as his aim for the season is the title.

“I was relatively happy with it, we showed we had great race pace and I definitely could have converted those into three top-five finishes, but obviously I always want more and won’t be satisfied until I win the championship. My target has to be European Champion, so at the moment that all I and the team are pushing for.”

King spoke about his career, and how 2013 gave him a boost with the British F3 title and a competitive European F3 season. He also acknowledged the off-track work he has had to do has helped him develop as a driver.

“Last year I would hail as the year I have made the most progress as a driver in my career so far on and off the track, weather that is just working with people better to sponsor relations, or to results on the track.

“Going into this year I feel in the best situation I have ever been in with a lot of confidence. Every time I sit in the car at this time of the year we (myself and team) are working hard to improve the car the best we can.

“Every year my racing has become tougher and more important but at the time the current year is always the most important as it’s another building block in the foundations for the future and without the years previous I wouldn’t be in the current situation.

“As for 2014 I feel it’s a decisive year for me to progress up the motorsport ladder.”