Ammermüller and Eng Stand Tall Amongst German Carrera Cup Carnage

The Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland gave the spectators at the Nurburgring a weekend they will never forget after a drama filled eleventh and twelfth races of the 2014 campaign.

The first of those encounters on the Saturday afternoon featured one of the most spectacular incidents in the series’ history. Michael Ammermüller led the field away from a hard earned pole position and the Walter Lechner Racing Team driver completed the first tour tailed by Jaap Van Lagen (TECE MRS- Racing) and Pieter Schothorst (McGregor powered by Attempto Racing). Behind the serene trio, a grand total of seven cars conspired to not make it across the line to register a single lap.

Porsche Junior Sven Müller, Nicki Thiim (QPOD Walter Lechner Racing), Spaniard and Porsche Junior Alex Riberas (Attempto Racing by Hӓring), Rolf Ineichen (Konrad Motorsport), Robert Lukas (Förch Racing by Lukas Motorsport), French single seater convert Tom Dillmann (Team 75 Bernhard) and Sean Johnston (Team Deutsche Post/Pole Promotion by Project 1) were all involved in the same accident and the race was red flagged for a twenty five minute period.

The final fifteen minutes it did thus resume for, were mercifully quiet, with Ammermüller, Van Lagen and Schothorst maintaining their podium slots to the flag. “Things were really chaotic in the race. So I am now very pleased with my first place,” commented a relieved victor.

So to Sunday and in terms of incident, a somewhat more subdued affair, although none the worse off for being so. Philipp Eng (Team Deutsche Post by Project 1) would emerge as the victor following a tremendous duel with his teammate Sven Müller, who had started the race from pole position. Pieter Schothorst initially looked like the man most likely to topple the German, snatching the lead on lap two. The following lap though, the pair touched and Schothorst was sent tumbling down the order with damage.

From there on in, Austrian Eng was tied to the bumper of his teammate and following several laps of great racing, he snatched a lead he would never relinquish. “When I stood up there on the podium I felt absolutely thrilled,” commented Eng. Jeffrey Schmidt completed the podium for the Lechner Racing Academy ME team, whilst Christian Engelhart boosted his title hopes with a fourth place finish for Konrad Motorsport. Christopher Zöchling (Konrad Motorsport) completed the top five order.