Gass: “We want our drivers to co-operate.”

In the buildup to tomorrow’s race that could see either BMW or Audi take the DTM manufacturers’ title tomorrow in Hockenheim, Audi has the best probable chance of overtaking BMW with Miguel Molina leading the field from the start line.

Audi Sport’s Head of DTM, Dieter Gass, spoke with this afternoon after qualifying, saying that their task to take the last title up for grabs is possible, after what was a great showing from the Ingolstadt ranks.

“Yes, I think that was close to optimum,” explained Gass, who was happy about how the drivers are looking out for themselves and the team. “We want our drivers to co-operate. If it works like that, then it’s even better. We’ve put ourselves in a very good position for tomorrow’s race.”

However, he expressed his concern about a potential of the Safety Car being deployed: “You can be having a good race and great performance, but in a split second if that happens, then the race is destroyed.

“So we try to look at the risks, the different strategies between the cars, so we can be in a good position.”

Even with the fact that Ingolstadt have to finish tomorrow’s race ahead of BMW, then nothing less than 22 points will do: “It’s possible, but it’s not going to be easy. We couldn’t have had better luck today to prepare ourselves as there’s a chance. But saying that I’m confident is a bit too much.”

Tomorrow afternoon will see one manufacturer take a title that has been very closely fought for all year, but any known variable for either BMW or Audi will be the difference between one celebrating and the other suffering disappointment.