Penalty clarification for Trulli GP’s Jarno Trulli

Following the intense Buenos Aires ePrix, Trulli GP’s Jarno Trulli was one of the drivers hit by a penalty, but a release from Trulli’s team has today clarified that he will not serve the punishment in Miami.

Stated in an official Formula E release following the race, the Italian was expected to serve a ten grid place penalty for changing his Renault-Spark’s gearbox.

However, Trulli GP have today stated that Trulli will not recieve such a penalty for the Miami ePrix, with the stewards at the last round believing that Trulli served his penalty in Argentina.

Team Principal Lucio Catavo explained that FIA clarification confirmed the steward’s ruling.

We were in for a real surprise after the race when we saw the Formula E press release stating that Jarno would be penalised in Miami for a gearbox change, as this isn’t in line with the rules of the championship,” he said. “Upon asking the FIA to clarify the statement, it became clear that it had been an interpretation mistake on Formula E’s side as we took the penalty in Buenos Aires.”

The Miami ePrix takes place after a short break to the calendar, with the action set for March 14th. The race will also mark the halfway point of the