Rallye de France heads back to its roots in Corsica

The French Motor Sports Federation has announced that the Corsican Territorial Authorities have agreed on the return of the FIA World Rally Championship to Corsica complete with the necessary financial backing.

Following the news last month that the local government in the Alsace Region had withdrawn their necessary support to run WRC the FFSA was left with the task to find a new home for the Rallye de France.

The Alsace region has played home to the Rallye de France since 2010 when it took over Corsica so the move sees a return to its roots.

The 2015 Tour of Corsica will take place from 1-4 October and the FFSA will be looking to renew the historical connection that gave the event it’s prior reputation. This includes very long special stages to highlight the Haute Corse region and the South of Corsica.

An official presentation of the event will be held in Corsica to announce the route of the 2015 Tour of Corsica.