DTM 2015: Innovations to Impress

For 2015 the DTM Championship will introduce a raft of new regulations, with their aim to create more overtaking manoeuvres and side-by-side action for track side viewers and TV audiences.

The first of these ‘innovations’ comes in the form of the race weekend format, with the series now featuring two races – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. However, with this change also comes the addition of a second qualifying session, which the DMSB hope will provide a thrilling spectacle, with both of these sessions only lasting 20 minutes in duration, and again taking place on two separate days.

Further to the addition of a second race the series has also removed the soft tyre option for 2015, with all cars running on a control tyre supplied by the series’ tyre provider Hankook  for both qualifying and the races.

This then leads onto the third biggest change in 2015, with the series also reducing the amount of tyres available for 2015, with the tyres available to drivers for qualifying and the race being limited to just four sets, one less than in 2014. This rule, according to the DMSB, “forces teams and drivers to opt for a clever strategy when it comes to portioning their tyre contingents, thus increasing the excitement.”

The final major sporting change comes in the form of DRS, with the amount of times it can be used per lap being increased from one to three times per lap, providing the gap to the car ahead is less than a second coming across the start/finish line the previous lap.

Further to this, the rear wing will now be allowed to be lowered to 18 degrees when DRS is active, compared to just 16 degrees last season.

“Providing the spectators enthralling motor racing and top-class entertainment represents our top priority,” said Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of DTM rights holder and promoter ITR e.V.To do so, spectacular overtaking manoeuvres on the track and thrilling races up to the final lap are a must – and that’s exactly what DTM has been providing for many years. This is the reason why it’s one of the most attractive race series of the world.”

The 2015 DTM season kicks off across the weekend of April 30-May 03, with the series being supported by the World RallyCross and Audi Sport TT Cup.