Prema pounce to top free practice sessions at Silverstone

Prema Powerteam led the way in both morning free practice sessions at Silverstone as the 2015 FIA European Formula 3 Championship got underway on Friday.

Canadian Lance Stroll set the fastest time in the first of the two sessions ahead of qualifying, before his team-mate Brandon Maisano set the pace in the second.

The fastest times of the sessions were set in the second session, with times tumbling as drivers took on new tyres for the first time for qualifying simulation runs, although traffic was a major player as it was always going to be with thirty-five drivers eager to impress.

Stroll led Carlin’s George Russell and Antonio Giovinazzi in the first session, before Maisano set the best time in FP2, ahead of team-mate and series veteran Felix Rosenqvist, while Russell was again quick in third.

Fourth fastest overall over the two sessions was Giovinazzi, ahead of Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc of Van Amersfoort Racing, while Stroll dropped to sixth.

Jake Dennis was seventh in the fourth Prema entry, ensuring that the team remain the team to beat this season after winning four consecutive driver’s championships in the past four years.

Callum Ilott was an impressive eighth quickest for Carlin on his International single-seater debut, ahead of Mikkel Jensen in the leading Mücke Motorsport machine and Markus Pommer of Motopark, who rounded out the top ten.

Santino Ferrucci had a disrupted couple of sessions in his Mücke Motorsport machine after having a clutch spring break, while Sam MacLeod had a wiring issue in his Motopark machine.

There was one red flag period during the morning session, when Zhi Cong Li’s Fortec Motorsports machine took a trip through the gravel trap and covered the circuit with gravel that needed cleaning.

Silverstone Free Practice 1 Times

125Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m52.123s
210George RussellGBRCarlin1m52.136s
33Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m52.256s
41Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m52.292s
521Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m52.367s
624Brandon MaisanoFRAPrema Powerteam1m52.448s
72Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m52.504s
87Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m52.514s
933Markus PommerGERMotopark1m52.736s
1027Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m52.756s
1130Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m52.770s
1223Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m52.840s
1319Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m52.888s
1412Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m52.925s
1529Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m53.076s
1638Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m53.166s
1715Nicolas BeerDENEuroInternational1m53.222s
1828Maximilian GuntherGERMucke Motorsport1m53.235s
1936Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m53.244s
208Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m53.260s
214Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m53.298s
2232Zhi Cong LiCHNFortec Motorsports1m53.319s
2320Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m53.349s
2414Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m53.379s
259Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m53.409s
266Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m53.560s
2717Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m53.574s
2826Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m53.603s
2911Fabian SchillerGERTeam West-Tec F31m53.644s
3031Hongwei CaoCHNFortec Motorsports1m53.713s
3118Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m53.795s
3235Kang LingCHNMucke Motorsport1m53.980s
3322Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m54.050s
345Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m54.065s
3534Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m54.713s

Silverstone Free Practice 2 Times

124Brandon MaisanoFRAPrema Powerteam1m51.677s
21Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m51.743s
310George RussellGBRCarlin1m51.957s
43Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m51.958s
57Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m51.997s
625Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m52.065s
72Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m52.078s
830Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m52.338s
927Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m52.342s
1033Markus PommerGERMotopark1m52.362s
1112Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m52.549s
1223Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m52.594s
1328Maximilian GuntherGERMucke Motorsport1m52.614s
1421Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m52.622s
1526Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m52.651s
164Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m52.664s
1738Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m52.792s
188Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m52.798s
196Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m52.818s
2022Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m52.909s
2115Nicolas BeerDENEuroInternational1m52.938s
229Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m52.991s
2314Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m53.080s
2419Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m53.121s
2511Fabian SchillerGERTeam West-Tec F31m53.183s
2635Kang LingCHNMucke Motorsport1m53.322s
2731Hongwei CaoCHNFortec Motorsports1m53.418s
2829Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m53.449s
2917Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m53.567s
3032Zhi Cong LiCHNFortec Motorsports1m53.810s
3136Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m53.923s
3218Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m54.032s
3320Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m54.073s
3434Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m54.371s
355Santino FerrucciUSAMucke MotorsportNo Time