Müller takes maiden Carrera Cup victory at the Nordschleife

It was a dream weekend for Porsche Junior Sven Müller as he secured his maiden win in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland series as the one-make championship headed to the 25.378 kilometre Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

“That was awesome! It was my dream to win here. I’m over the moon,” – Sven Müller

Müller started the weekend perfectly having secured pole position over his seasoned compatriots and didn’t look back as he took a dominant victory ahead of Phillip Eng, who despite his best efforts couldn’t close the gap.

“Every lap in the 911 on the Nordschleife is unbelievable fun. My start was really good and I almost got past Sven. But ultimately it’s the points that are important to me,” explained the reigning Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland.

Christopher Zöchling secured the final place on the podium with an impressive performance as he moved up from sixth place.

“Unfortunately four laps on the Nordschleife are not enough.” explained Zöchling. “It was really cool to drive here. My car was superb and I’m very happy with my podium result.”

Fourth place was taken by Michael Ammermüller ahead of Alex Riberas while two-time Hockenheim winner Christian Engelhart was forced to retire after sustaining radiator damage in an incident with another competitor.

Porsche Junior Matteo Cairoli moved up from tenth place on the grid to take seventh place. “I’m happy with my performance. At the flag things got tight and I had to fend off the guy behind me. Luckily it worked and I could hold on to my position,” said the 18-year-old Porsche Carrera Cup Italia champion.

Nicki Thiim, Ben Barker and Sean Johnston rounded out the top 10.

It was a bad weekend for fellow Junior driver Connor de Phillippi as the American damaged his car on Friday during qualifying, unfortunately the damage would be too great for the team to repair in time for the race. Team-mate Peter Scharmach stepped in to help Phillippi as he handed over his car.

An epic drive would see the American move from the final place on the grid (23rd) up to eleventh place.“It’s difficult, of course, when you come from the very back. Still, I managed to make up a lot of positions. My thanks go to Peter, because the points I earned could ultimately be decisive in the championship,” said the 22-year-old.

Despite finishing the race in sixth place, Schmidt leads the championship with 42 points ahead of Engelhart and Eng who are tied for second place on 40 points.

2015 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Race 3 top 10:

  1. Sven Müller (D/Lechner Racing Middle East)
  2. Philipp Eng (A/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
  3. Christopher Zöchling (A/Konrad Motorsport)
  4. Michael Ammermüller (D/The Heart of Racing by Lechner)
  5. Alex Riberas (E/The Heart of Racing by Lechner)
  6. Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Lechner Racing Middle East)
  7. Matteo Cairoli (I/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1)
  8. Nicki Thiim (DK/Team 75 Bernhard)
  9. Ben Barker (GB/Land-Motorsport)

Sean Johnston (USA/Market Leader Team by Project 1)

Points’ standings after 3 of 17 races

Driver classification

  1. Jeffrey Schmidt (CH/Lechner Racing Middle East), 42 points
  2. Christian Engelhart (D/TECE MRS-Racing), 40 points
  3. Philipp Eng (A/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), 40 points
  4. Ben Barker (GB/Land-Motorsport), 39 points
  5. Alex Riberas (E/The Heart of Racing by Lechner), 37 points

Rookie classification

  1. Richard Charles Goddard (AUS/TECE MRS-Racing), 5 points
  2. Alexander Toril (E/Market Leader Team by Project 1), 3 points
  3. Pepe Massot (E/KÜS Team 75 Bernhard), 3 points

Amateur classification

  1. Wolf Nathan (NL/Land-Motorsport), 54 points
  2. Rolf Ineichen (CH/Konrad Motorsport), 40 points
  3. Ralf Bohn (D/Herberth Motorsport), 18 points

Team classification

  1. Team Deutsche Post by Project 1, 69 points
  2. Lechner Racing Middle East, 66 points
  3. The Heart of Racing by Lechner, 61 points