Rosenqvist completes pole hat trick in Monza

Felix Rosenqvist dominated qualifying once more at the Autodromo Nazionale de Monza on Friday, adding the pole positions for races two and three to the earlier pole for race one.

Rosenqvist set a best time of 1m43.417s during the session to take pole for race two, and followed that up with a 1m43.447s that took him to pole for race three.

The Swedish driver, driving for Prema Powerteam, will be joined on the front row for both races by Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc of Van Amersfoort Racing, while row two for both races will see Antonio Giovinazzi of Jagonya Ayam with Carlin line-up alongside Prema Powerteam’s Jake Dennis.

Mücke Motorsport lock out the third for both races, although Mikkel Jensen and Santino Ferrucci will switch places for the races. Jensen will start fifth ahead of Ferrucci for race two, before the American starts fifth ahead of the Dane for race three.

Brandon Maisano will start seventh for both races for Prema Powerteam, with Matt Solomon an excellent eighth for Double R Racing for race two, although the Hong Kong driver drops to eighteenth on the grid for race three.

Lance Stroll will start ninth for Prema Powerteam for race two ahead of Markus Pommer of Motopark, with Pommer moving up to eighth on the grid for race three ahead of Jagonya Ayam with Carlin’s Gustavo Menezes and Mücke Motorsport’s Maximilian Günther.

Monza Race 2 Qualifying Times

11Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m43.417s
27Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m43.577s
33Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m43.707s
42Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m43.722s
527Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m43.812s
65Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m43.968s
724Brandon MaisanoFRAPrema Powerteam1m44.003s
819Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m44.016s
925Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m44.029s
1034Markus PommerGERMotopark1m44.057s
114Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m44.064s
1223Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m44.115s
1312Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m44.145s
1428Maximilian GuntherGERMucke Motorsport1m44.173s
1510George RussellGBRCarlin1m44.235s
1611Fabian SchillerGERTeam West-Tec F31m44.302s
1721Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m44.336s
1836Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m44.406s
1917Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m44.480s
2038Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m44.491s
2122Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m44.507s
228Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m44.543s
2330Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m44.543s
2426Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m44.588s
259Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m44.639s
2615Artur JanoszPOLEuroInternational1m44.640s
2729Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m44.852s
2816Facu RegaliaARGEuroInternational1m44.899s
296Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m44.922s
3031Hongwei CaoCHNFortec Motorsports1m44.954s
3133Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m45.059s
3235Kang LingCHNMucke Motorsport1m45.117s
3318Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m45.191s
3420Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m45.262s
3514Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m45.347s

Monza Race 3 Qualifying Times

11Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m43.447s
27Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m43.587s
33Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m43.900s
42Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m43.936s
55Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m43.997s
627Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m44.027s
724Brandon MaisanoFRAPrema Powerteam1m44.132s
834Markus PommerGERMotopark1m44.138s
94Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m44.178s
1028Maximilian GuntherGERMucke Motorsport1m44.227s
1125Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m44.260s
1210George RussellGBRCarlin1m44.266s
1312Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m44.283s
1411Fabian SchillerGERTeam West-Tec F31m44.311s
1523Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m44.330s
1638Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m44.526s
1722Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m44.529s
1819Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m44.531s
1921Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m44.533s
208Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m44.609s
2136Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m44.611s
2226Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m44.658s
239Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m44.672s
2415Artur JanoszPOLEuroInternational1m44.714s
2530Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m44.749s
2617Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m44.819s
2729Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m44.907s
2816Facu RegaliaARGEuroInternational1m44.949s
2931Hongwei CaoCHNFortec Motorsports1m45.010s
306Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m45.028s
3133Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m45.072s
3235Kang LingCHNMucke Motorsport1m45.224s
3318Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m45.346s
3414Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m45.394s
3520Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m45.418s