LIVE: 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans – Part 2

For the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans, The Checkered Flag will have both hourly reports and a liveblog, keeping you updated for the entire 24 hours.

This page will automatically update with all of the latest news and images from Circuit de la Sarthe. If you want to read about the first 12 hours head here.

Vince Pettit June 14, 201502:00

Welcom to the second part of our coverage of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:04

Leaders at the Half way Point:


#19 Porsche – Hulkenberg/Bamber/Tandy
#9 Audi R18 – Albuquerque/Bonanomi/Rast
#7 Audi R18 – Fassler/Treluyer/Lotterer


#47 KCMG Oreca 05 – Howson/Lapierre/Bradley
#46 Thirlet by TDS Racing Oreca 05 – Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy
#26 G-Drive Racing Ligier JS P2 – Bird/Rusinov/Canal


#99 Aston Martin Vantage V8 – Rees/Stanaway/MacDowall
#64 Corvette Racing – Milner/Gavin/Taylor
#51 AF Corse – Vilander/Bruni/Fisichella


#98 Aston Martin Racing V8 – Dalla Lana/Lauda/Lamy
#72 SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia – Shaytar/Bertolini/Basov
#77 Dempsey-Proton Racing – Dempsey/Long/Seefried

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:05

#66 on fire in the pits, the safety crew do an excellent job of extingushing it

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:08

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:11

The #66 JMW Motorsport Team was pushed back into the garage as the team checked the car for issues

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:11

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:13

Nick Tandy in the #19 Porsche still leads, but has made one pit stop less than the chasing trio.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:15

It’s looking likely that the #66 Ferrari is ready to come back out after its extensive service.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:17

Nick Tandy pits, handing over to Earl Bamber in the #19 Porsche from the lead

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:21

Despite pitting and changing driver, the #19 Porsche comes out only 8 seconds behind Andre Lotterer in the #7 Audi

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:25

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:29

Lotterer in the #7 Audi is the first onto the 200th lap. He pits allowing the #19 Porsche and the #9 Audi past.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:30

A slow stop for the #7 Audi, probably caused by a late call to change tyres

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:34

#17 Porsche of Brendon Hartley pits. He’s almost a lap down on the Audi’s infront and lap ahead of the #8 Audi behind.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:36

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:37

The top 3 in the LMP1 and the GTE-Pro class are still on the lead lap at half race distance

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:41

#18 Porsche of Marc Lieb, pits from sixth place. Still fighting the #8 Audi for fifth place.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:47

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:51

In GTE-Am Mathius Lauda in the #98 Aston Martin is being closely chased by the #72 SMP Racing as the Aston Martin pits on lap 175

Connor Jackson June 14, 201502:56

The #8 and the #9 Audi’s pit as Lucas di Grassi and Filipe Albuquerque take over their cars respectively

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:03

At 4:00 CET

#19 Porsche – Hulkenberg/Bamber/Tandy
#7 Audi – Fassler/Lotterer/Treluyer
#9 Audi – Alberquerque/Bonanomi/Rast

#47 KCMG – Howson/Bradley/Lapierre
#46 Thiriet – Thiriet/Badey/Gommendy
#26 G-Drive – Rusinov/Canal/Bird

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:05

The #19 Porsche of Earl Bamber pits

Vince Pettit June 14, 201503:07

Catch up with the latest new from the last hour here –

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:08

GT Order after 13 hours of racing:

#99 Aston Martin Vantage V8 – Rees/Stanaway/MacDowall
#64 Corvette Racing – Milner/Gavin/Taylor
#51 AF Course – Vilander/Bruni/Fisichella

#72 SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia – Shaytar/Bertolini/Basov
#98 Aston Martin Racing V8 – Dalla Lana/Lauda/Lamy
#62 Scuderia Corsa – Sweedler/Bell/Segal

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:09

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:14

Only 1.7 seconds split first and second in the GTE-Pro with the #99 Aston Martin leading the #64 Corvette that is slowly catching

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:16

At the front, the #7 Audi driven by Treluyer pits after closing to within 17 seconds of the lead

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:18

Problems for some as the #27 SMP Racing has slowed on track, while the #22 Nissan comes back into the garage. While the #61 AF Course becomes the second car within an hour to catch fire

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:19

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:22

The #99 of Richie Stanaway is now having to hold off the #64 Corvette of Tommy Milner as the battle for GTE-Pro ensues

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:24

While the #22 Nissan continues to be fixed in the pits, the #21 Nissan officially retires. Not a good first weekend from the new LMP1 manufacturers

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:27

In GTE-Am, Mathius Lauda in the #98 Aston Martin takes the lead after the #72 SMP Racing pits

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:33

The #29 Pegasus Racing pits, but the LMP2 continues its incident filled race as it gets dragged into the garage for further repairs while David Cheng gets in the car. They exit the pit 2 laps down on the next LMP2 car

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:36

At the front. Bamber in the #19 Porsche leads by 1 minute from Treluyer in the #7 Audi. The gap means that Audi will have to fight back in the sunshine as the Porsche extends its advantage

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:37

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:40

Alberquerque pits as a response to this. No damage and the car is sent on its way in third.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:44

The #9 Audis pit stop mean that the #17 Porsche has closed to only 10 seconds behind. Could we still see a fight for the podium

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:46

The #26 G-Drive was given a black and white flag after running wide at Indianapolis and coming back onto track dangerously

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:48

The #19 Porsche pits once again, but comes out still in the lead

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:51

The #35 Oak Racing spins at the final corner as he attempts to overtake a GTE back marker, despite this, Jean-Marc Merlin continues

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:53

After a consistant race, both Rebellion Racing cars of the #12 and #13 come into the garage. Perhaps some unforseen circumstances

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:55

A crash involving an LMP2 and GTE car sees the #46 Thiriet by TDS Racing hit by the #99 Aston Martin

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:56

Connor Jackson June 14, 201503:57

Meanwhile the #96 Aston Martin comes into the pits with Gearbox issues

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:01

The #64 pits, but the battle for the GTE-Pro may be over as issues with the wheels hold up the Corvette Crew

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:03

With the #99 and the #64 both in the pits with problems, the GTE-Pro class is now lead by the outside contendor of the #51 AF Course driven by Gianmaria Bruno

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:06

The #99 Aston may need some work

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:08

At the front, Bamber in the #19 Porsche leads the battle for domination. He leads the #7 Audi by 55 seconds.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:11

Yellow Flags out as the #46 Tiriet is craned away after the crash with the #99 Aston Martin. He loses his second place as a result

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:15

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:20

A pit stop for the #18 after 227 laps, Dumas continues in sixth after taking fuel only

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:22

A 1 minute 15 second penalty for the #40 Krohn Ligier after it was found speeding in the pit lane

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:23

The #8 Audi pits, comfortably ahead of the #18 Porsche in the battle for fifth as di Grassi continues at the wheel

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:24

The sky is starting to show colour as morning approaches

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:30

In the LMP2 class the #48 Murphy Prototypes car pits as Berthon exits to let Chandhok take over in the battle for second

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:33

Earl Bamber set a personal best for the #19 Porsche with a 3:18.500

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:35

A 10 second time delay for the #19 Porsche in the pits sees Treluyer take the lead in his #7 Audi by a mere 2 seconds

Vince Pettit June 14, 201504:38

Did you miss Hour 14? Catch up with the excitement here – 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans: Hour 14 Update – Audi closes in as LMP2 front runner is taken out – 

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:39

#98 Aston Martin leads GTE-Am by 67 seconds from #72 Ferrari driven by Aleksey Basov

Vince Pettit June 14, 201504:40

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:41

As the #19 Porsche gets up to pace, the gap to the #7 lead Audi extends to 3.5 seconds

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:45

The #7 Audis short time at the top ends as Treluyer pits for fuel

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:48

The #17 is still chasing down the #9 Audi for third as Hartley comes in to hand over to Mark Webber after being 13 seconds down

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:50

The #17 Porsche is now back out after a driver and tyre change, Webber will drive it into the morning sunrise.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:51

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:53

In GTE-Pro, the battle for the lead sees the #64 Corvette back in the lead, being chased by Fisichella in the #51 AF Course only 1.8 seconds behind

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:54

After a dry race, we see our first spots of rain. Will it escalate?

Connor Jackson June 14, 201504:57

As it turns out, the light rain is at the Indianapolis corner. Aguably one of the most dangerous on the track after the number incidents earlier in the race

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:02

After 15 hours the LMP1 order stands:

1. #19 Porsche – Bamber/Hulkenberg/Tandy
2. #7 Audi – Treluyer/Fassler/Lotterer
3. #9 Audi – Alberquerque/Bonanomi/Rast

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:04

The first Audi is now 57 seconds behind the Porsche meaning they’ll need to utilise the warmer track in order to close the gap

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:08

The #8 Audi pits, it looks comfortable for Lucas di Grassi to hold on to fifth

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:11

In order to take the fight to Porsche, the #9 Audi has decided to quadruple stint the tyres and driver

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:13

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:16

After making a pit stop, the #64 Corvette is now almost a lap down on the GTE-Pro leader #51 AF Course driven by Giancarlo Fisichella

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:17

But a pitstop for the AF Course and the gap is back down to only a few seconds

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:19

Back at the front, Nico Hulkenberg is back in the #19 Porsche car. He’s forced to chase down the #7 Audi once again

Vince Pettit June 14, 201505:21

Vince Pettit June 14, 201505:23

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:25

LMP2 has settled down a lot. The #47 KCMG still leads, as it has all night. They have a 1 lap gap to Sam Bird in the #26 G-Drive

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:29

The #7 Audi makes their twentieth stop as Marcel Fassler takes over from Treluyer

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:30

#12 Nico Prost in the Rebellion Racing Car has crashed at Indianapolis

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:32

A slow zone in Indianapolis is implemented as the #12 Rebellion is lifted out of the gravel

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:36

#17 Porsche makes a pit stop as the slow zone continues

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:42

#51 AF Course now has a slightly larger gap to the rest of the competitors including its continued GTE-Pro rival, the #64 Corvette

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:45

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:50

Nico Hulkenberg spoke to the media a few hours ago after his last stint, he said; “I feel perfect in the car. We have now driven our first quadruple stint, which is important for the race developing.” He currently leads

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:53

#19 Porsche finally loses its position on the lead lap as the #17 Porsche of Hulkenberg laps Webbers car

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:55

As the sun comes up, it’s become clear that the #7 Audi is missing half an engine cover. It hasn’t slowed Fassler nonetheless

Connor Jackson June 14, 201505:56

Replays show the engine cover came off at the Porsche curves leaving debris on the track

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201505:59

Right-front suspension failure for #13 Rebellion at first chicane.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:00

We’re now two-thirds of the way through the race. Let’s have a look at the top three in each class:

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:02

LMP1: The #19 Porsche leads, with Hülkenberg at the wheel (and has just pitted). Next is the #9 Audi of Rast, ahead of Webber in the #17 Porsche. With damage, the #7 Audi has pitted and has dropped back to 4th.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:03

LMP2: #47 KCMG Oreca continues to dominate, currently driven by Howson. Next up is Sam Bird in the #26 G-Drive Ligier, ahead of Chandhok’s #48 Murphy Prototypes Oreca.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:04

LM GTE Pro: #51 AF Corse Ferrari leads class, driven by Fisichella. In 2nd is Gavin in the #64 Corvette, and 3rd is Christensen’s #91 Porsche Team Manthey 911 RSR.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:05

LM GTE Am: Pedro Lamy’s #98 Aston Martin leads, ahead of Bertolini in the #72 SMP Racing Ferrari and Patrick Dempsey’s #77 Dempsey-Proton Racing Porsche.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:06

The #13 Rebellion has headed to the pits.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:07

Fortunately, all eight of the top factory cars – Audi, Porsche and Toyota – are still out on track.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:12

The fastest car on track at the moment is the #7 Audi with Fässler at the wheel. He’s just done a 3:20.013. 2nd quickest is Webber in the #17 Porsche who’s lapping half a second slower.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:13

Our only retirement in LMP1 so far is the #23 Nissan, but both Rebellions are in their garages.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:15

#47 KCMG pits from LMP2 lead. Bradley takes over from Howson.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:16

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:19

Webber pits from LMP1 3rd position.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:21

For those of you that have been up all night, are you glad to see this?:

Vince Pettit June 14, 201506:24

Miss hour 16? Too busy sleeping? Lucky for you we weren’t! –

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:25

Aston Martin #95 under investigation for track limits at Karting. 

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:30

#18 Porsche pits from P6. Jani takes over.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:30

Mark Webber has passed Hülkenberg to un-lap himself. We now have three cars on the lead lap: #19, #9 and #17.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:31

#51 AF Corse Ferrari pits from LM GTE Pro lead.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:36

#8 Audi (Jarvis) pits from 4th.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:37

This has allowed Fässler to pass in the #7 Audi. 

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:38

LMP1 standings: #19, #9, #17, #8, #7, #18, #2, #1

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:39

LMP2 standings: #47, #26, #48, #38, #28, #34, #42, #27, #31, #45, #35, #29, #30, #40, #37

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:39

Big crash for the #96 Aston Martin and Porsche Curves.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:40

LM GTE Pro standings: #64, #51, #91, #71, #95, #99

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:40

LM GTE Am standings: #98, #72, #62, #77, #53, #55, #83, #61, #68, #67, #66, #96

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:41

Safety car due to the #96 Aston crash.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:44

Roald Goethe was in the #96 Aston. Hope he’s OK.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201506:45

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:02

The #19 Porsche is back out now after being temporarily pushed into the garage

Paul Hensby June 14, 201507:03

Aston Martin confirming that Goethe has been talking to the team and is out of the car. He’s being taken to the medical centre.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:08

Marcel Fassler has pitted the #7 Audi from behind the safety car

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:09

Safety car is coming in this lap and we’ll soon be back to green!

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:12

The #17 gets past into second place at the restart after Rast blocks himself in behind the KCMG P2

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:14

Car 35 has a 15 second stop/go and the #37 has a 35 second stop/go for speeding in the pit lane

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:19

KCMG still leads LMP2, #51 AF Corse Ferrari leads GTE Pro, #98 Aston Martin leads GTE Am and the #19 Porsche leads the #17 in LMP1

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:21

LMP2 leader is in the pit lane for its scheduled stop

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:21

The #22 is in the pits again for Nissan with an unknown issue

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:26

The two leading Porsches and the #9 Audi are the only cars remaining on the lead lap now

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:27

And Webber has come in an out of the pits now

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:32

Oliver Gavin is putting in faster laps in the Corvette that Toni Villander in the #51 AF Corse Ferrari which leads the class

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201507:34

If you’ve just woken up, here’s our hour 17 report:

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:35

The #18 Porsche is in and out the pits in quick time for more fuel

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:36

The #7 has just passed the #19 at Mulsanne corner to take third place in class

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:38

Hardly surprising I appreciate, but Tracy Krohn has spun again

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:40

And the Krohn Ligier is stuck at the chicane so the marshals are out and giving Krohn a slap as well as recovering the car

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:45

Gap between first and second in GTE Pro is now 8 seconds

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:49

Rene Rast is pitting the #9 now from second place for a refuel 

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:54

Class leading #98 Aston Martin just had a small incident at Indianapolis, but no harm done in the end – just teasing the marshals

Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:57

As we are now approaching what is just a single WEC race to go, lets take a look at the top three in each class

Top 3 positions in each class after Hour 18 of the 83rd 24 Hours of Le Mans


  • #19 Porsche 918 Hybrid – Hulkenberg/Bamber/Tandy
  • #17 Porsche 918 Hybrid – Bernhard/Webber/Hartley
  • #9 Audi R18 e-tron quattro – Albuquerque/Bonanomi/Rast


  • #47 KCMG Oreca 05 – Howson/Lapierre/Bradley
  • #26 G-Drive Racing Ligier JS P2 –Bird/Rusinov/Canal
  • #38 Jota Sport Gibson 015S – Nissan – Dolan/Evans/Turvey


  • #51 AF Corse – Vilander/Bruni/Fisichella
  • #64 Corvette Racing – Milner/Gavin/Taylor
  • #91 Porsche Team Manthey Porsche 911 RSR – Lietz/Christensen/Bergmeister


  • #98 Aston Martin Racing V8 – Dalla Lana/Lauda/Lamy
  • #72 SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia – Shaytar/Bertolini/Basov
  • #62 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia – Sweedler/Bell/Segal
Joe Hudson June 14, 201507:58

#55 Ferrari has stopped at Indianapolis

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:00

Apparently the #55 has run out of Fuel, Alexander Mortimer was seventh in class

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:03

The #55 has stopped his car at Indianapolis, yellow flags have been brought out while the car is recovered

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201508:04

If you’re just joining us, read our hour 18 update here:

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:07

GTE-Am leader, Paul Dalla Lana in the #98 Aston Martin had a large off. He’s recovered, but will be more awake now.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:09

The two class leaders in GTE-Pro are into the pits as Tommy Milner takes over from Oliver Gavin in the #64 Corvette

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:11

The #40 Krohn car spins once again. Many are losing count of the amount of offs Tracy Krohn has had now.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:14

The #64 leads from the #51 AF Course. The two are split by 1 second after 18 hours of racing

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:16

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:18

Unfortunately the #64 Corvette is currently under investigation for their last pitstop

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:23

Another routine pit stop from the #18 Porsche sees it come back out in sixth

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:26

#40 Krohn has spun again, while the #42 Strakka Racing has stopped on the start line

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:28

A slow zone over the line is used, while the #42 Strakka is removed with a fluid leak

Paul Hensby June 14, 201508:28

No further action on the #64 Corvette after the investigation into its pit stop.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:29

A swap on track sees the #9 Audi overtake Timo Bernhard in the #17 Porsche for second

Paul Hensby June 14, 201508:31

An update on the status of Roald Goethe, who crashed earlier.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:32

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:34

To further compound the #42 Strakka’s luck, it is now stuck in fifth gear, meaning it is unlikely that it’ll be restarted, despite this it’s currently crawling round

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:36

#23 Nissan the and #47 KCMG off in the escape lane. Both should get going

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:37

The issues will mean that the #47 KCMG will lose the lead that it has kept all night without issue

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:39

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:45

Another pitstop for the #19 Porsche sees it keep the lead with Tandy staying in the car

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:47

The #47 is now up to speed. Looks like the issue has been sorted with not too much lost

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:49

Nick Jonsson has now taken over the #40 Krohn Ligier as Tracy Krohn steps out

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:52

Tandy in the #19 Porsche now has a 2:33.409 over second place #17 Porsche

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:57

The #47 KCMG pits for the first time since its off

Connor Jackson June 14, 201508:59

Connor Jackson June 14, 201509:01

With 5 Hours to go the #19 Porsche leads its #17 team mate and the #9 Audi of Rene Rast

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:01

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:03

#48 Murphy Prototypes Oreca spins, almost hits the #64 Corvette.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:03

Let’s look at the class leaders with five hours to go.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:04

Nick Tandy (#19 Porsche) leads in LMP1, 1 lap ahead of Bernhard’s #17 Porsche. René Rast is in the 3rd place #9 Audi.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:04

In LMP2, KCMG is still out front, and Richard Bradley is 31 seconds clear of the #26 G-Drive Ligier, ahead of JOTA Sport’s #38 Oreca.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:05

#64 Corvette is leading in LM GTE Pro, in front of the #51 AF Corse Ferrari and #91 Porsche Team Manthey 911 RSR.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:06

And finally, Mathias Lauda’s #98 Aston Martin is out front in LM GTE Am. 2nd is held by SMP Racing #72 Ferarri and 3rd goes to #62 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:08

We’ve compiled a list of all the cars to have retired so far:

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:15

Looks like a puncture for SMP Racing #37 BR01

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:18

#55 AF Corse Ferrari has now *officially* retired.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201509:19

If you missed any of the last hour, where the hell were you? Never mind, you can catch up here:

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:22

Sarrazin in #2 Toyota pits from P7.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:25

#72 SMP Racing Ferrari has just had a crash at Indianapolis. Stuck in the gravel. Shaytar was driving and was in LM GTE Am 2nd position.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:26

Tandy has pitted from the lead, so has Fässler.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:29

Shaytar is out of the gravel, and on his way. 

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:35

A reminder of our class leaders:

LMP1: #19 Porsche

LMP2: #47 KCMG

LM GTE Pro: #64 Corvette

LM GTE Am: #98 Aston Martin

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:36

Fässler has handed control of the #7 Audi to Lotterer. He was in the car for 4 hours.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:49

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:49

#42 Strakka Dome has retired.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201509:55

Drive-through penalty for #7 Audi – disrespect of slow-zone procedure.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:01

Radio Le Mans have said the track has been declared wet! We have a full ELMS race to go, could we have some late drama?

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:03

#8 Audi has an emergency application of masking tape to stick down some body work and is back underway

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:05

The #91 Porsche is also in pit lane with the engine cover off. That was 3rd in class before it went into the pits

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:13

Track zones have now been declared wet as the left front tyre carcass of the BR01 makes a bid for freedom going into the Porsche curves

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:17

Troubling news for the Viper:

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:19

The #71 AF Corse Ferrari has moved up to 3rd in GTE Pro as the Team Manthey Porsche is still in the pits

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:22

#13 Rebellion is into the pits, it was running quite far down the order with other issues already

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:29

Further down the LMP1 order, behind three Porsches and three Audis, are the two Toyotas running in 7th and 8th – not racing anyone, even themselves.

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:33

The 3rd place #9 Audi has gone into the pits with the entire front end off, mechanics huddling round the front

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:35

The #9 is back out now, heard it could be hybrid problems so the #7 has got through into third place and the #8 is fourth

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:37

The #9 could still be having problems, it just straight lined the second chicane on the Mulsanne, car didn’t see to slow down in time

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:38

The KCMG car still leads LMP2 as the JOTA Sport car pits from 2nd place in class with the G-Drive in 3rd

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:43

Gustavo Yacaman in the G-Drive Racing LMP2 has been given a stop/go penalty for a pit lane infringement

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:44

Right rear wheel problems for the Team Manthey Porsche, it is hitting the body work and refusing to come off

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:47

Andre Lotterer has just set the fastest time of the race on lap 337 with a 3:17.475!

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:50

#8 is in the pit box with work being done on the car with rear body work being repaired

Joe Hudson June 14, 201510:56

#62 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari has been reported for speeding in the pit lane

Joe Hudson June 14, 201511:00

The #77 Dempsey Proton has moved up to 3rd in class now

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:01

Many of the top teams have now pitted as we head into the final 3 hour sprint

Joe Hudson June 14, 201511:01

Top 3 positions in each class after Hour 21 of the 83rd 24 Hours of Le Mans


  • #19 Porsche 918 Hybrid – Hulkenberg/Bamber/Tandy
  • #17 Porsche 918 Hybrid – Bernhard/Webber/Hartley
  • #7 Audi R18 e-tron quattro – Lotterer/Fassler/Treluyer


  • #47 KCMG Oreca 05 – Howson/Lapierre/Bradley
  • #26 G-Drive Racing Ligier JS P2 –Bird/Rusinov/Canal
  • #38 Jota Sport Gibson 015S – Nissan – Dolan/Evans/Turvey


  • #51 AF Corse – Vilander/Bruni/Fisichella
  • #64 Corvette Racing – Milner/Gavin/Taylor
  • #71 AF Corse – Calado/Beretta/Rigon


  • #98 Aston Martin Racing V8 – Dalla Lana/Lauda/Lamy
  • #72 SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia – Shaytar/Bertolini/Basov
  • #77 Dempsey-Proton Racing – Dempsey/Long/Seefried
Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:03

A close battle between the #77 Dempsey-Proton and #62 Scuderia Corsa ensues for third in GTE-Pro

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:05

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:08

The #8 Audi pits once again. Di Grassi’s under threat of losing fourth to the #18 Porsche

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:14

Unfortunately the battle between the #77 and the #62 has ended abruptly as the #62 Scuderia Corsa of Bell spun when trying to to overtake

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201511:16

Catch up on all of the hour 21 action here:

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:17

The #62 spinning and losing time.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:19

More drama for the #47 KCMG as it stops on track. Lapierre got going, but the race for LMP2 will now be even closer.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:22

Continuing with LMP2, the second place #38 Jota Sport pits as Oliver Turvey drives it back out in persuit of victory

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:23

Problems for the #22 Nissan sees it slow on track

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:28

Into the pits come the #18 Porsche with Dumas staying in. However the #22 Nissan didn’t come back out after its pit stop. The Nissan has been dragged into the garage

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:31

Continued problems for the #9 Audi sees Alberquerque under investigation again as it falls behind the #2 Toyota, losing sixth place

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:33

Despite spinning earlier, the Scuderia Corsa has caught back up to continue the battle for third in GTE-Am

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:37

As quickly as it starts, its over. The #62 will have a 15 second penalty. But the Ferrari’s speed should allow it to catch up soon

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:40

The gaps in LMP1 have spread out, it would take problems to shift the top 6 at the moment

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:42

#19 Earl Bamber in the Porsche comes into the pits from the lead for fuel

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:50

Both the #7 and #8 Audi pit with the #7 driven by Treluyer maintaining third

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:57

Another joint pit stop from the #51 and #64 battling for the GTE-Pro lead

Connor Jackson June 14, 201511:58

Connor Jackson June 14, 201512:01

2 hours to go and most of the battles have settled down in the LMP1 category, but still exciting racing happening in the GTE categories

Nick Smith June 14, 201512:02

The battle for P2 continues with the #38 Jota Sport Gibson taking a routine pit stop. Oliver Turvey is chasing down the recently delayed KCMG Oreca.

Nick Smith June 14, 201512:07

The GTE Pro leading 51 Ferrari heads to the pit lane. Corvette retake the lead of the class.

Nick Smith June 14, 201512:08

The 51 is going into the garage. This is more serious than just fuel and tyres.

Nick Smith June 14, 201512:09

While the AF Corse mechanics work on the #51 the #64 is through Mulsanne and on the way to Indianapolis.

Nick Smith June 14, 201512:12

OK, thats our erstwhile LM GTE Pro leader a lap down. The next embarrassment would be if Pedro Lamy’s GTE Am Aston Martin managed to take 19th overall from them.

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:13

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:14

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:14

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:15

Di Grassi has woken up and puts in a 3m18s lap time

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:16

Lamy pits the #98 Aston Marting from the GTE Am lead, should be a formality as he is two laps up on the nearest challenger

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:18

Fastest of the LMP1 cars on the last lap was the #17 Porsche 919 Hybrid with Brendon Hartley on board

Joe Hudson June 14, 201512:18

The Porsche continued to lead in Hour 22, if you missed it catch up here:

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:19

In LMP2 JOTA sport is closing in on G-Drive Racing, Turvey puts in a 3:37.938 compared to the second placed car of Bird which completed its last lap at 3:39.309

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:21

The lead Corvette in the is the fastest car in the class, 4:00.511 in the hands of Oliver Gavin

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:22

The #51 Ferrari is still being worked on in the pits. It also looks like that the #22 Nissan has picked up a puncture

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:25

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:26

Talk of potential rain over the Audi radio, no major showers expected though

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:27

Hulkenberg assumes the driving seat in the #19 Porsche for the final stint of the race

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:31

Oliver Turvey has the gap down to 4.5551 seconds in the battle for second place in the #LMP2 class as he continues to eat away in to the G-Drive Racing pace

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:33

It’s been a stunning year at Le Mans this year. We have just under an hour and a half left of racing

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:34

We’ve only had 12 retirements so far this year!

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:34

Teams reporting light rain on track

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:35

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:35

Maybe we spoke to soon! the #22 also has rear suspension issues

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:42

The ByKolles car is running slow after a spin as the #23 Nissan grinds to a halt with smoke pluming from the front of the car

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:44

Looks like flames from the #23 Nissan as it is being towed away!

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:45

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:47

We’re hearing from race control that there is rain on the Mulsanne straight

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:48

Here’s your top 10 in the LMP1 class:

1 #19 Porsche
2 #17 Porsche
3 #7 Audi
4 #8 Audi
5 #18 Porsche
6 #2 Toyota
7 #9 Audi
8 #1 Toyota
9 #13 Rebellion
10 #12 Rebellion

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:49

It looks like the ByKolles car is still rolling along with a broken wheel. The #22 Nissan is also back out on track

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:52

Possible rain at Indianapolis

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:53

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:55

While it is only a small drizzle at the moment the rain could still play part in the race as we approach the final hour

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:55

Contact between Krohn and the Pegasus racing  LMP2 cars

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:55

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:56

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:56

Looks like the Krohn car has picked up a puncture in the earlier collision

Vince Pettit June 14, 201512:58

Wondering what happened to your favourite car? Check out our confirmed retirements list here –

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:00

And here we go! The race is into its final hour.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:01

As a reminder, the #19 leads #17 and #7. KCMG lead JOTA in LMP2. 

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:01

Corvette #64 is ahead of #71 AF Corse in LM GTE Pro, and LM GTE Am is lead by #98 Aston Martin Racing, in front of #72 SMP Racing.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:02

The top three in LMP1 are covered by three laps, but in LMP2, the leading pair are only 53 seconds apart.

Vince Pettit June 14, 201513:07

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:09

Hülkenberg will pit from the lead at the end of this lap.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:09

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:12

#53 Viper has retired.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:12

So has the #34 Oak Racing Ligier.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:13

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:13

#98 Aston Martin that was leading LM GTE Am has crashed out at the Ford Chicane.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:15

‘Slow zone before start/finish straight’ 

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:18

With the #98 out, SMP Racing #72 will move into LM GTE Am lead, with Dempsey-Proton #77 2nd and Scuderia Corsa #62 in 3rd.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:18

Dalla Lana has stepped out of the #98 Aston. Thankfully, he is OK, but visibly disappointed.

Connor Jackson June 14, 201513:21

Did you see the last Hour? If not, catch up here, as we enter the final hour.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:26

Let’s have a look at the lead gaps:

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:26

In LMP1, Hülkenberg is 1 lap ahead of Hartley in the #19 and #17 Porsches respectively.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:27

In LMP2, Lapierre (KCMG) is 1 lap ahead of Turvey in the JOTA Sport Gibson.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:28

Oliver Gavin (#64 Corvette) has a comfortable margin of 5 laps over the #71 AF Corse.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:28

SMP Racing now leads LM GTE Am, with Shaytar at the wheel, and is 1 lap clear of Seefried’s Dempsey-Proton Porsche.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:31

Update: after pitstops, KCMG’s lead in LMP2 is now 50 seconds over JOTA Sport.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:34

Here’s how the 2014 winners are doing:

LMP1 was last year won by what is now the #7 Audi, which is in 3rd.
LMP2 was won by JOTA Sport, who are 2nd.
LM GTE Pro saw the #51 bring the victory home, and they sit 3rd.
LM GTE Am honours in 2014 went to #95 Aston Martin. Those drivers aren’t in the same car anymore, but AMR will have hoped for better results than they’ve had this year.
Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:36

Porsche is preparing for celebration:

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:42

Reports of rain on the Mulsanne Straight.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:44

Hülkenberg has been instructed to pit this lap – with 15 minutes to go.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:50

10 minutes left until the end of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans…

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:54

Penultimate lap. Nico Hülkenberg leads in the #19 Porsche 919 Hybrid, 1 lap ahead of the #17 Porsche driven by Brendon Hartley.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201513:58

Porsche are coordinating their #17 and #19 cars to finish together on the last lap.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:01

The #19 Porsche 919 Hybrid of Hülkenberg, Bamber and Tandy wins!!!

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:03

LMP2 winner: #47 KCMG Oreca 05 – Nissan of Bradley, Howson and Lapierre.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:04

LM GTE Pro winner: #64 Corvette Racing C7R of Gavin, Taylor and Milner.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:04

LM GTE Am winner: #72 SMP Racing Ferrari 458 Italia of Shaytar, Bertolini and Basov.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:06

And that’s the end of the 83rd 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:08

Vince Pettit June 14, 201514:10

A big thank you to all that have been with us throughout the last week and the 24 hours, great effort by all drivers, teams and everyone at #TeamTCF with the around the clock (twice) coverage.

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:11

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:12

Vince Pettit June 14, 201514:14

Make sure you come back over the next few days for full reaction from the teams and drivers and a full class-by-class race report.

For now though, you can read the final hour report here –

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:18

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:19

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:20

Jake Kilshaw June 14, 201514:21

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:22

The Drivers prepare for the podium as the Porsche team celebrate

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:23

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:26

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:33

Nick Smith June 14, 201514:35

The four class winners of the 83rd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans..

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:37

The winners celebrate on the podium

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:39

Connor Jackson June 14, 201514:50

That Concludes our Live Blog for the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Thanks for sticking with us for the whole time. Thank You as well to our contributors, Joe Hudson, Jake Kilshaw, Dan Lloyd, Nick Smith and Vince Petit with myself.

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