Trulli GP Prepare for Next Season after Disappointing Finish

by Connor Jackson

It was a disappointing end to the inaugeral Formula E season for Trulli GP who couldn’t pick up points despite benefiting from the poor weather conditions on Sundays qualifying. They conclude the season on 17 points.

Driver and team co-owner Jarno Trulli was only able to get fifteenth out of the seventeen finishers in the Saturday race, while a crash with Sakon Yamamoto ended his Sunday race early after he’d qualified tenth.

“It’s been a really frustrating day starting from quali where I had problems with the weather and my mistake. Right after race start, I came upon a breaking problem with the car, and I only lasted two laps before this hit so the first stint was almost over before it began. By the time I came into switch the car, the new car didn’t start because of an electrical problem, and we’re not entirely sure what caused this yet.”

In his first weekend of Formula E, Alex Fontana was forced to play catch up for the Sunday London ePrix after a good qualifying. A poor getaway also ruined the chance of vital points for the Trulli GP team who have not finished in the top 10 since Berlin. Fontana commented, saying;

“Starting in the middle of the grid felt very positive, and the first bump of the start went smooth, but then the car wouldn’t pick up speed the way it should and I lost seven places immediately, we’re still not sure why this happened so we’re going to look over the electronics.”

Commenting on the future, Trulli said; “The season is now over, and we’re working hard to come back stronger in season two. We have very high hopes on our Motomatica powertrain that is very strong giving us a good chance for next season. At the moment, we’ve focused on the dyno and engine powertrain.”

The majority of the powertrain will be de-homogenised for the 2015-16 season, a move which the FIA hopes will encourage work on green technologies, hopefully allowing Trulli GP to be more competitive.

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