Rosenqvist and Giovinazzi share Zandvoort poles

Felix Rosenqvist and Antonio Giovinazzi shared the pole positions for races two and three after the second European Formula 3 qualifying session at Zandvoort on Friday.

Prema Powerteam driver Rosenqvist set the pace for race two, with his best time of 1m29.713s just 0.009s clear of Jagonya Ayam with Carlin driver Giovinazzi, with the top two again the class of the field.

Markus Pommer will start race two from third on the grid for Motopark, but was more than half a second shy of the time of Rosenqvist, while fourth placed Jake Dennis was over seventh tenths back from his team-mate.

Lance Stroll continued his strong performance this weekend to date with fifth in a third Prema Powerteam entry, with Championship leader Charles Leclerc sixth for Van Amersfoort Racing.

Lotus Junior Team driver Alexander Albon was seventh fastest for Signature ahead of George Russell of Carlin, with Motopark’s Sergio Sette Camara ninth ahead of Maximilian Günther of Mücke Motorsport.

For race three, for which the grid is set by a driver’s second quickest lap in the session, Giovinazzi was the pace setter this time, with Rosenqvist this time dropping to third on the grid behind Pommer, who will start on the front row for the first time this season.

Dennis was fourth again ahead of Stroll, while Sette Camara qualified sixth ahead of Russell, Albon, Ryan Tveter of Jagonya Ayam with Carlin and Leclerc.

Zandvoort Race 2 Qualifying Times

11Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m29.713s
23Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m29.722s
334Markus PommerGERMotopark1m30.239s
42Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m30.426s
525Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m30.450s
67Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m30.503s
721Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m30.663s
810George RussellGBRCarlin1m30.666s
923Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m30.679s
1028Maximilian GuntherGERMucke Motorsport1m30.701s
115Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m30.792s
1230Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m30.866s
1326Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m30.942s
1420Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m30.994s
1517Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m31.233s
164Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m31.308s
1738Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m31.311s
1824Brandon MaisanoFRAPrema Powerteam1m31.311s
199Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m31.326s
2019Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m31.348s
216Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m31.380s
2229Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m31.430s
2327Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m31.489s
2422Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m31.508s
2536Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m31.529s
2612Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m31.570s
2735Kang LingCHNMucke Motorsport1m31.698s
2811Fabian SchillerGERTeam West-Tec F31m31.793s
2918Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m31.954s
308Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m32.287s
3131Wing Chung ChangCHNFortec Motorsports1m32.386s
3214Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m32.968s
3333Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m33.029s
3432Zhi Cong LiCHNFortec Motorsports1m33.335s

Zandvoort Race 3 Qualifying Times

13Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m30.065s
234Markus PommerGERMotopark1m30.262s
31Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m30.289s
42Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m30.433s
525Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m30.480s
623Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m30.763s
710George RussellGBRCarlin1m30.926s
821Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m31.001s
926Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m31.044s
107Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m31.185s
115Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m31.202s
1220Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m31.208s
1317Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m31.288s
1428Maximilian GuntherGERMucke Motorsport1m31.359s
1538Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m31.499s
1630Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m31.524s
174Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m31.611s
186Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m31.723s
1936Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m31.725s
209Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m31.735s
2119Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m31.757s
2211Fabian SchillerGERTeam West-Tec F31m31.924s
2329Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m32.019s
2422Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m32.034s
2527Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m32.148s
2618Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m32.237s
278Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m32.403s
2831Wing Chung ChangCHNFortec Motorsports1m32.458s
2912Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m32.637s
3035Kang LingCHNMucke Motorsport1m32.822s
3124Brandon MaisanoFRAPrema Powerteam1m32.840s
3233Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m33.053s
3332Zhi Cong LiCHNFortec Motorsports1m33.662s
3414Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m34.124s