Nurburgring Pole hat trick for Felix Rosenqvist

Felix Rosenqvist continued his domination of the Nurburgring weekend of the FIA European Formula 3 Championship weekend by taking two more pole positions for races two and three to add to his earlier race one pole.

The Championship leader was in sublime form, taking the pole for race two comfortably before confirming his hat trick by taking top spot for race three, which is based on a driver’s second fastest lap in qualifying.

Rosenqvist set a best time of 1m21.186s to take race two pole for Prema Powerteam, while George Russell was second quickest with a 1m21.406s for Carlin.

Lance Stroll and Jake Dennis were third and fourth for Prema Powerteam for race two, ahead of Jagonya Ayam with Carlin’s Antonio Giovinazzi, with Mikkel Jensen sixth for Mücke Motorsport.

Charles Leclerc was seventh for Van Amersfoort Racing ahead of Prema Powerteam’s Nick Cassidy, while Santino Ferrucci of Mücke Motorsport and Alessio Lorandi of Van Amersfoort Racing rounded out the top ten.

Rosenqvist’s second fastest time of 1m21.563s was quick enough for race three pole position, with Stroll this time joining him on the front row, with Russell and Giovinazzi third and fourth respectively ahead of Dennis and Jensen, while Leclerc, Cassidy, Markus Pommer of Motopark and Callum Ilott of Carlin completed the top ten this time around.

Nurburgring Race 2 Qualifying Times

11Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m21.186s
210George RussellGBRCarlin1m21.406s
325Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m21.486s
42Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m21.596s
53Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m21.663s
627Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m21.707s
77Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m21.804s
824Nick CassidyNZLPrema Powerteam1m21.824s
95Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m21.876s
108Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m21.890s
1130Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m21.895s
1234Markus PommerGERMotopark1m21.950s
1329Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m21.966s
1422Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m21.985s
1523Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m22.069s
1626Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m22.090s
1738Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m22.122s
184Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m22.170s
1912Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m22.279s
2035Felix SerrallesPUEMucke Motorsport1m22.318s
219Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m22.352s
2236Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m22.395s
2320Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m22.493s
246Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m22.501s
2521Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m22.559s
2631Wing Chung ChangCHNFortec Motorsports1m22.608s
2717Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m22.675s
2832Zhi Cong LiCHNFortec Motorsports1m22.836s
2914Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m22.878s
3019Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m23.123s
3133Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m23.469s
3218Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m23.650s
3340Harald SchelegelmilchLATArtLine Engineering1m24.253s

Nurburgring Race 3 Qualifying Times

11Felix RosenqvistSWEPrema Powerteam1m21.563s
225Lance StrollCANPrema Powerteam1m21.675s
310George RussellGBRCarlin1m21.722s
43Antonio GiovinazziITAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m21.746s
52Jake DennisGBRPrema Powerteam1m21.794s
627Mikkel JensenDENMucke Motorsport1m21.816s
77Charles LeclercMONVan Amersfoort Racing1m21.882s
824Nick CassidyNZLPrema Powerteam1m21.907s
934Markus PommerGERMotopark1m21.976s
1030Callum IlottGBRCarlin1m22.042s
1123Sergio Sette CamaraBRZMotopark1m22.088s
1222Nabil JeffriMAYMotopark1m22.123s
135Santino FerrucciUSAMucke Motorsport1m22.128s
1426Ryan TveterUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m22.139s
1538Raoul HymanRSATeam West-Tec F31m22.141s
1629Arjun MainiINDVan Amersfoort Racing1m22.169s
174Gustavo MenezesUSAJagonya Ayam with Carlin1m22.200s
188Alessio LorandiITAVan Amersfoort Racing1m22.275s
1912Pietro FittipaldiBRZFortec Motorsports1m22.306s
209Tatiana CalderonCOLCarlin1m22.360s
2135Felix SerrallesPUEMucke Motorsport1m22.361s
2236Sam MacLeodGBRMotopark1m22.667s
236Michele BerettaITAMucke Motorsport1m22.673s
2421Alexander AlbonTHASignature1m22.700s
2520Dorian BoccolacciFRASignature1m22.848s
2631Wing Chung ChangCHNFortec Motorsports1m22.975s
2714Matt RaoGBRFortec Motorsports1m23.050s
2832Zhi Cong LiCHNFortec Motorsports1m23.084s
2917Julio MorenoECUThreebond with T-Sport1m23.309s
3033Mahaveer RaghunathanINDMotopark1m23.499s
3119Matt SolomonHKGDouble R Racing1m23.694s
3218Nicolas PohlerGERDouble R Racing1m23.743s
3340Harald SchelegelmilchLATArtLine Engineering1m24.332s