Planned Formula E season three power-hike postponed

The planned power output increase for season three of the FIA Formula E championship has been postponed, with gradual gains being introduced in seasons four and five instead.

Initial plans had been to increased the peak power from 200kW to 250kW for the 2016-2017 season, but the output will remain at 200kW for a third season instead.

The series had hoped for a major rise in both power output and energy for season three, but the power will now increase to 220kW for season four, and to 250kW for season five. The original roadmap for the championship had planned to see 300kW for season five, but no plans have been revealed to when this target is being aimed for.

Some season three changes have been agreed however, with an 8kg reduction in the overall weight limit of the Formula E car, while the battery cell weight limit has been raised by 30kg to 230kg.

The energy regeneration under braking has also been increased, with drivers now able to regenerate 150kW as opposed to the previous limit of 100kW.