Williams believes Ferrari’s heritage payment should be reduced

Claire Williams believes there should be a fairer distribution of Formula 1’s revenues and that Scuderia Ferrari should receive a reduced ‘heritage payment’.

Last week, it was revealed that for their 2015 performance, Ferrari will receive the most money compared to any other team from the FIA despite finishing the championship in second. It is estimated that they will earn around $192million, almost 20 per cent of the total prize pot.

The Williams Martini Racing deputy team principal imagines that negotiations for the new terms for after 2020 will start soon, hoping that a revision and redistribution is something that is talked about in those discussions.

“I wouldn’t have an issue if Ferrari had a heritage payment but just not as great as it is,” said Williams. “My philosophy in life is that if you can’t doing anything about something then, don’t worry about it.

“We have tried, lots of teams have tried, to have those conversations but as Bernie points out, we all signed up to the current agreement, under those terms. We can’t do anything about it. We have a lot of other things to worry about. So why worry about it? We have to bide our time. I imagine we will start negotiating new terms well ahead of 2020. 

“I hope a revision and redistribution is something which is tabled as part of those discussions. I don’t know if that is possible as this is F1 but I hope so. I’m a firm believer sport should have equitable platforms to be successful.”