Formula E to Introduce Instant Replays for Spectators

Fans attending FIA Formula E races will soon be allowed to stream instant replays to their mobile devices after the series successfully trialled new technology at the Paris ePrix.

‘Rewind’ allows spectators to connect to a local network or wi-fi connection to access statistics and instant replays within seconds of the incident occurring on track.

Ali Russell, Formula E’s director of Media and Strategic Partnerships, says the development should improve the experience for fans attending an ePrix. She commented, “We are always looking at ways of improving the experience of our fans, and driving greater value for our partners.

“Rewind’s demonstration in Paris has successfully shown the value of this new product as well as proving the robustness of the technology. There are many opportunities on how to utilise this innovative platform. Formula E will now fully investigate how best to develop and implement this technology for future races.”

The trial of the technology in Paris allowed 350 of those in the EMOTION club and in the stands adjacent to the Hotel Des Invalides to access over 150 replays less than 20 seconds after the incident happened. It also sent the entire race programme digitally to race-goers mobiles.

It represents another technological first for Formula E, which won the Cutting Edge Sport Award at the BT Sport Industry Awards in London this week, having previously won at the TV Connect Industry Awards for Best Mobile Video Experience.

It followed the work on the official series app, which includes 360° video technology and user-controlled onboard cameras from the drivers’ perspective.

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    nuclear94 FormulaE_Scott could be cool. Crowd size at #Indy500 will always kill cell reception.

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