Agag working to solve WEC clash

FIA Formula E Season 3 Testing - Day One. Venturi Car Unveiling. Donington Park Racecourse, Derby, United Kingdom. Tuesday 23 August 2016. Photo: Adam Warner / LAT / FE. ref: Digital Image _L5R9621

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag is set to meet with teams during the Donington test to try and solve the current clash with the WEC race calendar.

A gentlemen’s agreement had previously been in place to ensure that the two series did not have a race on the same weekend, to allow drivers to compete in both.

However when the WEC race calendar was published, the Nurburgring round was on the same weekend as the Montreal ePrix.

This would leave several drivers on the grid with a difficult decision about which series to race in, with last year’s runner-up Lucas di Grassi calling it a ‘horrible decision’.

Agag said however that he would be sitting down with team bosses this weekend to try and find a solution.

Speaking to Autosport he said, “We were very surprised, we discussed this with WEC and they gave me their dates and this was not one.”

“I don’t think they did it on purpose, they probably had a problem and had to change it. We sit down together and work [the calendars] out, and I think we will still do it – it’s not the beginning of war or anything.”

“It’s a bit of a headache. I want to speak to the teams tomorrow here. I want to see what their preference is. If everybody says ‘let’s change it’, I’ll go for that. If they say ‘keep the date’, I will keep the date.”

Despite saying that he would go with what the teams say, Agag said he would try and keep the manufacturers involved in the series happy as it was the ‘responsible’ thing to do.

“We want to keep our manufacturers happy. If we consciously put them in front of tough decisions that’s not good – I will not do that.”