Euro F3 regulation changes aim for championship stability and affordability

Maximilian Günther - Credit: FIA Formula 3 European Championship / Thomas Suer

In a bid to continue to make the FIA European Formula 3 Championship a financially viable series, the FIA World Motor Sport Council has extended the current shelf life of the chassis amongst a number of cost cutting regulations.

The chassis will continue to be used until 2019, meaning teams will not have to invest in new machinery for at least three years, while aside from safety modifications that would be introduced, there will be no development to any aerodynamic component or the brake ducts by teams.

This also means wind tunnels will be prohibited from being used, saving some more money for the teams, with the new regulations designed to bring an even playing field to the championship, with the advantage of the financially stronger teams, such as Prema Powerteam and Hitech GP, lessened.

President of the FIA Single-Seater Commission, Stefano Domenicali has welcomed the introduction of the updated regulations, believing they will have a positive effect on the championship going forward, making it a more viable championship to compete in after a number of teams departed the series at the end of 2015.

“The general economy in single-seater racing makes it necessary for us to continue to work on the value of the championship for drivers and teams,” said Domenicali.

“With the newly introduced changes to the Technical Regulations, we believe that an important step has been taken to reduce the costs of competing in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, while at the same time further levelling the playing field.

“All teams will start the upcoming season from the same baseline; the trend we have seen in the championship already this year, that any team can win races, should continue.

“We want to maintain the high level and professionalism of existing teams, but also open the door for new teams to join the series. It should not make a difference for which team a driver competes, everyone should have a chance to win races and compete for the title.”