Macau event to take on F3 World Cup moniker

Macau Grand Prix in 2015 - Credit: CGPM

The legendary Suncity Group Macau Grand Prix, which will take place 17-20 November this year, will have the title of the FIA F3 World Cup for its 63rd year.

The race had been the Intercontinental cup for a number of years, but with the FIA looking at making a new two-race World Cup series at the end of the 2017 season, one of which would be Macau, the change was made to make the race the World Cup this year.

The FIA will now ‘lead and coordinate’ all regulations, entries and registration of the FIA F3 World Cup, and are working closely with the Sporting Subcommittee of Macau Grand Prix Organising Committee (MGPOC).

As a result of these developments, the deadline for entries to the historic end of season event has been extended to 30 September.

As a result of the change, Mr Barry Bland, who has worked with the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix since 1983, has stepped away from his role, with MGPOC respecting his decision and appreciating all the efforts he has put into the event in the 33 years he has been there.

The new FIA F3 World cup joins the Macau GT Cup, known since 2015 as the FIA GT World Cup, as well as the Suncity Group Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix and the Suncity Group Guia Race 2.0T, with all four sharing headline status. The Macau Touring Car Cup, the Suncity Group Macau Road Sport Challenge and the Suncity Group Chinese Racing Cup will act as the support.