BMW and Andretti relationship already ‘very close’

Spielberg (AT) 22th May 2016. BMW Motorsport, Jens Marquardt (DE) BMW Motorsport Director.

BMW and Andretti Formula E have said that their relationship is already ‘very close’, with the two outfits already being 100% integrated according to Team Owner Michael Andretti.

BMW had been rumoured to be working with Andretti in Formula E for several months, but only formally announced the relationship at the end of last month.

According to BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, the German car giant will provide technical staff at the racetrack and in Munich to help the team, in addition to giving them access to their wind tunnel, test rigs, and other facilities.

In an interview ahead of the season opener in Hong Kong, Marquardt said, “We obviously add our know-how and development expertise to this equation.”

“We will have people on site at the racetrack, and our staff will evaluate the data back home in Munich. Through us, Andretti has access to the BMW facilities, which we also use at BMW Motorsport: the wind tunnel, test rigs and much more.”

“Andretti employees have already been out to Munich, and we have visited the team in the USA. The partnership is already a very close one.”

Michael Andretti is hopeful that their close relationship will help the team climb up the grid.

He said, “We are 100% integrated with BMW when it comes to the Formula E project, and BMW is 100% integrated with Andretti Formula E, so there are things we will be working on together in many different areas to hopefully have us running up front.”

“I also believe the two sides will complement each other very well. 

“There are a lot of things we do on this side of the pond that work well and there are a lot of things that are done on that side of the pond that work well, and I think bringing them both together can only strengthen the way we approach things.”

Despite their pace in testing not being overly impressive, Andretti was bullish about his team’s chances going into the new season.

When asked what his expectations were for the season ahead he said, “To be running up front. To be running in the top five every race, win some races and hopefully at the end of the season be running in championship contention.”