Brussels ePrix to be replaced with extra round in Berlin

by Scott Douglas

The Brussels ePrix will no longer take place after organisers were unable to find a suitable location for the race.

The original plan was for the race to take place to the north of the city in the Heysel region, but this was vetoed due to another event taking place in the area on the same July 1 date.

Attempts to find another location proved fruitless, leading to organisers agreeing to cancel the round altogether.

To ensure there are still 12 rounds in this year’s championship however, there will now be two races in Berlin on the 10/11 June.

The Berlin race itself has already seen disruption, after complaints led to it being moved from its city centre location to the Tempelhof venue used in season one.

Autosport is reporting that championship organisers did investigate doing a straight swap with another city, including Astana in Kazakhstan.

However the late nature of the switch proved to be too big a barrier to overcome.

The cancellation spells yet more trouble for the all-electric series in finding suitable venues for races.

The ethos of the championship to hold rounds in city centre locations has helped provide dramatic backdrops, and increased attendances at races.

But the logistical issues have proved to be troublesome, with several races now having been dropped at late notice.

This included last season’s Moscow ePrix which was dropped due to “unforeseen circumstances related to road closures”.

And the popular London ePrix has fallen off this year’s calendar after campaigners objected to the disruption it caused to those using Battersea Park.

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