Ekström to Race at the Norisring over Höljes

Credit: Audi Media Centre

Mattias Ekström will be on the grid at the Norisring for the fourth round of the DTM Series meaning he will skip the FIA World RX round in Höljes.

This means the Swede will miss his home race in the World RX and will be replaced by Per Gunnar Andersson.

Credit: Ferdi Kräling Motorsport-Bild GmbH

There has been clashes between the two series’ in the past, with Ekström having missed the DTM finale at Hockenheim last year to claim the World RX title in Argentina.

World RX has supported DTM at Hockenheim in 2016 and 2017 resulting in Ekström competing in both categories over the weekend.

Credit: Audi Media Centre

“I’m happy that my boss (Dieter Gass) has made this decision for me,” says Ekström. “That of all events there’s a clash between my home race in Höljes and one of my favorite races in the DTM is a real shame. I’d have loved racing at both events but, unfortunately, that’s not possible logistically.”

“It was a very difficult decision because we’re still early in the season and Mattias has title chances in both championships,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Gass. “But the factory commitment in the DTM has priority for us. Mattias can win his third DTM title this year and has always been very strong at the Norisring. In addition, this is our home round and we need Mattias there.”