Marchionne hints at Alfa or Maserati Formula E entry

Scuderia Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne. Credit: Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has said that the company is still considering an entry into Formula E, but that it might not be under the Ferrari name.

Marchionne had previously stated that Ferrari needed to be in Formula E, especially as some of their road cars would soon feature electric powertrain technology.

However speaking to Sky after the Hungarian Grand Prix he hinted that any future entry might not be Ferrari badged, but instead could be from one of the other Fiat Chrysler brands.

Marchionne said, “In the wider sense of what we do with cars between Maserati, Alfa (Romeo) and Ferrari, we are looking at this [Formula E] with interest.

“Maybe with one of the others — not Fiat — but Alfa or Maserati.”

The pressure for the group to have some involvement in the series increased after both Mercedes and Porsche announcing that they would enter teams in time for the 2019/20 season of the championship.

They will join other motoring giants such as Jaguar, Renault, BMW, DS and Audi, making it a perfect opportunity to show off engineering prowess amongst your rivals.