Dragon/Porsche tie-up ditched

Credit: Formula E

Dragon Racing and Porsche have cancelled an agreement that would have seen the two working together in the 2017-18 Formula E season.

With Porsche due to enter the series next year, and with their driver Neel Jani competing with Dragon, an agreement had been drawn up for the two to collaborate this year.

It would have involved Porsche engineers being imbedded in the Dragon team to help develop the car, but despite having been present at the Valencia test, there will be no further tie-up between them.

When asked by e-racing 365 about whether there was a deal, Porsche’s Andreas Seidl said “No, definitely not.

“There was a one-off possibility we had with Dragon at Valencia, and with Neel [Jani] driving there for the first time we had a look to understand a bit what Formula E means. But that’s it.”

However there is expected to be a Porsche presence at future races as they aim to learn as much about the series as they can ahead of next year.

Seidl confirmed that this would no longer be with a specific team, but in an independent capacity.

“I’m sure we will come by from time to time just to understand,” Seidl said. “But we will not be embedded in one or the other team.

“It’s more to have a global understanding, looking at the infrastructure, the facilities and so on, similar to what we did in 2013 in WEC, watching the Audi garages, what they do, to learn from it.”

Dragon Racing are also understood to have formally split from their technical partners from last season, Faraday Future.