Mahindra to build simulator to boost performance

Credit: Formula E

Mahindra Racing are developing a bespoke Formula E simulator to help with power train developments and energy management strategies.

It is being built by Cruden B.V., a leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of open architecture driving simulators.

The simulator will have a full library of Formula E street circuits, and be able to closely mimic the performance of the Mahindra car.

The team’s Chief Engineer Vinit Patel said that the new system will be instrumental in helping software development, something which he describes as vital to performance gains.

“An electric powertrain is only as good as its inputs,” Patel said.

“Good controls-software and great controls-strategies are vital to achieving the best performance from the hardware. Software development is becoming the holy grail of Formula E.”

Mahindra also highlighted the benefits the simulator will bring to the drivers, helping them familiarise themselves with new tracks and to learn when to adjust the car’s energy consumption, manage battery temperature and discover the optimum engine speed for gear-shifts.

Technical Director at Mahindra, Lewis Butler said, “A professional simulator is needed to ensure that our energy strategies are correct and that our drivers are familiar with all the controls procedures and options before we get to the track.

“After researching all options, we concluded that a Cruden simulator will provide the best balance between cost and technical benefit.

“It’s important that we are be able to integrate the simulator with our existing vehicle model.

“Cruden is a skilled system integrator with a detailed understanding of racing operations which gives us a great deal of confidence.”