Audi will not appeal Abt disqualification

Credit: Formula E

Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler have decided that they will not appeal the decision of the FIA to disqualify Daniel Abt after his race win in Hong Kong.

Race officials penalised Abt after the part numbers on his car’s motors and inverters did not match the ones given to the FIA.

The team stressed that the mistake had not given Abt any advantage in terms of pace, and initially announced their intent to appeal the ruling.

However they have since changed their minds and announced that they accept the decision from the FIA.

Team principal Allan McNish said of their decision, “We took the time to carefully review all documents and processes.

“We gained no advantage as a result of the administrative error and all parts fully complied to homologation and the technical regulations at all times.

“Still, we accept the decision of the FIA and fully back the technical passport regulations.

“Our team made a small mistake with big consequences that we own up to, unfortunately that deprived Daniel of his very deserved victory of which we can only apologise for.

“I am sure we will see him on the podium again soon.”

It means that Abt will lose his first race win in the series, and with it the lead of the driver’s championship. Instead it will be Sam Bird who leads the standings going into Marrakesh next year, with Abt now down in eighth.

Abt had previously said that he was ‘heartbroken’ on Twitter when he heard the news of his disqualification.