Filippi blames poor start in Formula E on bad luck

by Scott Douglas

Luca Filippi has said that he has been unlucky so far in his Formula E career, and vowed to be more aggressive at the start of races in order to turn his form around.

The NIO driver scored a point on his debut, but since then has failed to score and has been compromised in each race.

This has been partly due to contact with other cars, or in Santiago where a poor qualifying put him at the back of the grid and he was unable to overtake around the tight circuit layout.

Filippi believes that the remedy for this is to be more aggressive, telling e-racing365, “I know I probably have to be more aggressive as I have twice gone out through other people in contacts, so I know I have to be more on top of it.”

But he also said that he had been unlucky to suffer damage to his steering arm after light contact with other cars.

“I have to say that two out the three races it has happened the exact same thing on the same part of the car,” Filippi said.

“It has happened after contact but it was quite unlucky because the steering arm on these cars is quite weak.

“The contact was small on both occasions but if it gets slightly bent it gets worse and breaks. This has happened to me twice and lots of other guys have it happen too.”

Despite his indifferent start NIO team boss Gerry Hughes gave his driver a vote of confidence, saying “Luca’s racecraft is great and he will get himself in to good opportunities and positions, so we have no doubt that results will come from him in coming races.”

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