Mexico City pit-stop fiasco creates fresh unease ahead of Punta Del Este

by Nathan Hine
Andre Lotterer- Techeetah FE at Mexico City

Following an incident where one of the Techeetah mechanics servicing Andre Lotterer’s car suffered an injury on his leg during his pit-stop in Mexico City, there is newfound criticism for abandoning the minimum pit-stop time in the ABB FIA Formula E paddock.

The measure was brought into effect ahead of the Santiago e-Prix last month, but ahead of this weekend’s Punta Del Este e-Prix has triggered ‘fresh unease’ among the teams according to e-racing365.

It is a very divisive subject which has turned its ugly head in the paddock ahead of this weekend’s race, following Andre Lotterer suffering an unsafe pit-stop release at the last race, and after the race he told Eurosport: “I think these are things that are going to occur and show up – maybe every race – but in a different garage.”  

This is made particularly difficult because pit-stops will be scrapped next season, with the Season Five Formula E cars able to complete the entire race distance, with faster and more energy efficient batteries equipped to the Gen-2 car.

So it seems rather odd that Formula E has taken this decision in the middle of the season to scrap minimum pit-stop times with the increased risk to the mechanics this causes.

Even back in January when the measure was proposed, the verdict among teams and drivers was that it was more risk than reward, with Season Three champion, Lucas Di Grassi told Autosport before Marrakesh that: “It’s part of the game, but it should not be part of losing the race.”

But no matter what the teams, drivers and even fans think about the change, it will remain for the remainder of Season Four with the FIA remaining resolute about the subject for the remainder of the season.

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