Techeetah: Being a customer team is the biggest challenge

Credit: Formula E

Techeetah team boss Mark Preston has said that he believes that there is no bigger challenge than being a customer team in a series where manufacturers are represented.

Preston was hailing the achievements of his team as they lead both the driver’s and team’s championships going into the Punta Del Este ePrix this weekend, despite being a smaller outfit than many of the teams around them.

And although they are going up against the likes of Renault, Audi, BMW, DS and Jaguar, Techeetah became the first team ever to score a 1-2 finish in Formula E at Santiago this season.

But Preston says that their comparative lack of resources is the most significant challenge his team faces as they try to stay ahead of teams with more funds and better facilities.

He said, “As the championship’s only customer team, we are incredibly pleased to be leading the championship as we go into Round Six.

“Our long-term goal was always to be champions; however, we didn’t think we would be challenging for both the drivers’ and teams’ championship quite this early in our Formula E career.

“It’s easy to forget that we’ve only been around for one and a half season.

“I don’t think there is a bigger challenge than being a customer team in a series that has both manufacturer and customer teams, as we have substantially less resources and access to the tools that make you quick.”

Despite this disadvantage Preston believes his team are up for the challenge and capable of holding on to their lead through to the end of the season.

“Winning a championship is extremely difficult and there are so many variables that play vital parts, but we are passionate about taking on the biggest engineering challenges possible,” he said.

“You need a stellar team to achieve that, so this is what we have set up, and it shows in the results. I’m really excited about the progress that we’ve made and with the team we’ve got behind us now, there’s nothing stopping us from being able to fight for the top all the way to the end.”