Piquet says I-TYPE 3 made a ‘promising’ start

Credit: Jaguar

Nelson Piquet Jr has said that the 2018-19 Panasonic Jaguar Racing car made a ‘promising’ start when he drove it at a closed test last month.

Next season sees the introduction of the Gen2 Formula E car, which includes a radical chassis redesign and a longer lasting battery.

With such a major change teams have been keen to start testing on their cars as soon as possible, and Piquet said that the I-TYPE 3 proved to be reliable, although there is still more work to be done.

Piquet said, “I had the chance to drive the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 development car in a closed test event last month.

“It was a big moment for the team, the championship and for electric vehicles. The car made a promising, reliable start but there is a lot of development to do before we start racing at the end of this year.”

The team also revealed a concept livery for the new car, but said they were still keen to make the most of their promising start to the 2017-18 season.

Credit: Jaguar

Team boss James Barclay said, “The concept livery of the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 is a progression from this season’s race car which we will unveil later this year.

“In parallel we remain very focused on this season and continuing the positive progress we are making as a team. We are looking forward to racing in Rome in front of passionate Italian motorsport fans.”