Brabham Aim to Race BT62 in 2019

by Alice Holloway
Brabham will take their new BT62 racing this year to get some racing experience for their team as part of their Road to Le Mans 2022

After announcing their aim to join the FIA World Endurance Championship GTE Pro class for the 2021/22 season and the 2022 edition of the 24 Hours of Le MansBrabham Automotive have confirmed intentions to take the new BT62 racing in 2019.

The million-pound car is currently classed as a ‘track day’ car as it is not homologated with any current race series, race class or as a road car. Because of this, Brabham’s intentions of taking the car racing this year will be determined on their ability to receive invitations to events that allow cars that have not been homologated to race.

David Brabham, company director, explained to Autosport that getting the car on the track was an important step for the team and the car in what they have dubbed their ‘Road to Le Mans’.

“The BT62 does meet all FIA safety requirements as a racing car, so although there isn’t a particular class or championship for it, it is raceable,” Brabham said. “We are starting out on the road to Le Mans and we need to get out there an go racing, rather than waiting for three years — we need to develop ourselves as a team.

“We would need permission from whatever series we end up doing races in, so there is quite a lot of work to be done.

“We won’t be doing a full championship, but we intend to pick and choose some events, and every indication is that we will be out there this year to get the ball rolling.”

It was not disclosed by the Australian which race events Brabham would be pursuing this year, but races such as the Gulf 12 Hours, held on the Yas Marina Circuit, and the Creventic 24 Hours Endurance Series allow non-homologated vehicles to partake.

Other manufacturers in Brabham’s position have used the Abu Dhabi event for preliminary running of their new machinery in the past, with Aston Martin and McLaren taking the Vantage GT3 and the 720S GT3 respectively to the 2018 rendition of the event last month before homologating those cars for 2019.

At the moment, the team is based in Australia, but the team are looking to relocate and establish a base in the UK from which Brabham would run its racing team.

To take part in the WEC GTE Pro class, manufacturers have to run a car based on a road-legal production car meaning the Australian manufacturer will also be developing a road-legal version of the BT62.

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