Mark Blundell – There are plenty of positives to take away from Croft

by Samuel Gill

Mark Blundell has had a tough introduction to life in the British Touring Car Championship with the former F1 driver struggling to get to grips with the Trade Price Cars Racing Audi S3 so far this season.

Blundell had a positive weekend at Croft as the former Le Mans winner finishing around the top 20, which considering he couldn’t set a time in qualifying, and it being a new circuit for the experienced racer; it represents an improvement.

He echoed that sentiment afterwards saying that he feels they made some good progress and that he’s getting towards teammate Jake Hill‘s pace with each race.

“Qualifying was a nightmare because we didn’t get a lap in, but overall, I’m relatively happy with the way the weekend has gone. I feel we’ve made some good progress and I’ve closed the gap to Jake’s pace and am getting a better understanding of what I need to do technique wise in these cars.

Despite that though, he admitted that the weather has meant getting up to speed has been difficult but that there were plenty of positives to leave Croft with.

“It’s certainly been eventful and I don’t seem to be getting much luck with the weather to help me get up to speed, but I’ve picked up three solid finishes and there are plenty of positives to take away from Croft after a few tough rounds.”

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