Matt Brabham closes SST Mid-Ohio weekend with Race 2 win

by Justin Nguyen

Points leader Matt Brabham wrapped up the Stadium Super Truckssecond Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course weekend of 2019 with a victory in the Saturday round.

The race began shortly after the NASCAR Xfinity SeriesB&L Transport 170 with Bill Hynes on the pole alongside Gavin Harlien. Brabham started third, followed by Jeff Hoffman, Ryan Eversley, Cole Potts, Casey Mears, and Friday winner Robby Gordon.

The field quickly organised into single file as Hynes led the way. After exiting the Keyhole section and its jump, Harlien passed Hynes for the lead. Brabham also took second from the pole-sitter before the lap ended.

Hoffman claimed third from Hynes early into lap two, while Brabham caught up to Harlien by turn four. It was not until a lap later that Brabham made his move on Harlien via the inside line in turn four to take the top spot. Hoffman ran third behind the two, while Potts and Eversley – who swapped finishing positions in Race #1 after the former was penalised – fought for fourth.

Shortly before the competition caution, Harlien attempted his own move in turn four to no avail. By the yellow, Brabham led Harlien, Hoffman, Hynes, Eversley, Potts, Mears, Gordon, and Hynes.

After the race resumed, Hoffman passed Harlien for second. At the back, Gordon fought with Mears for sixth as lap five began. Hoffman was unable to pass Brabham for the lead in the Keyhold, while Harlien and Potts quickly entered the picture. Harlien cleared Hoffman for second prior to reaching turn six.

As Brabham continued to lead, Hoffman, Harlien, and Potts battled to claim the runner-up position. Hoffman won out prior to beginning lap six. By this point, the top four had separated themselves from the field, with Eversley alone, Gordon and Mears continuing their duel, and Hynes.

Hoffman tried to overtake Brabham before the competition yellow but was unsuccessful. Behind the two were Harlien, Potts, Eversley, Gordon, Mears, and Hynes.

A strong jump on the restart pushed Brabham forward. Behind him, Potts cleared Harlien for second in the Keyhole, while Eversley dropped two positions to Gordon and Mears. Harlien also fell off the pace and sank to the back, having experienced truck issues for the second consecutive race.

On the final lap, Hoffman could not catch Brabham, who scored his 17th career win, third of the year, and first since the Grand Prix of Long Beach in April. Coincidentally, Gordon’s last win had been the second Long Beach round before winning the Friday Mid-Ohio race.

Potts finished third, followed by Gordon, Mears, Eversley, Hynes, and Harlien.

“Race 2 was awesome! Really cool to fly with @RobbyGordon and @CJMearsGang today,” Eversley tweeted. “Can’t thank @continentaltire and you guys for supporting me in my racing, enough. Means the word to me. Cheers!”

On Instagram, Mears posted, “Had a lot of fun at @officialmidohio this weekend! P.2 yesterday and P.5 today. @ssupertrucks are awesome! If you haven’t been to a race yet go check it out.”

Race results

1383Matt Brabham11Running
2447Jeff Hoffman11Running
3660Cole Potts11Running
487Robby Gordon11Running
5725Casey Mears11Running
65100Ryan Eversley11Running
7157Bill Hynes11Running
8255Gavin Harlien10Running

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