Volkswagen retire Beetle from rallycross

by Jack Cunnane

Volkswagen Motorsport today announced that they are retiring the Beetle R from the American Rallycross scene after a five-year stint.

The Beetle stormed onto the scene in, what was then known as, GRC in 2015. In its first season, Scott Speed took the Driver title. In 2016 and 2017, he repeated that feat, with Tanner Foust finishing runner-up, and the Manufacturer title going to Volkswagen in both years. Speed also claimed victory in the Rallycross competition at the X Games in Austin, Texas.

Credit: Volkswagen Motorsport

After GRC became ARX in 2018, the Beetle continued its dominance with Speed winning his fourth title with Foust finishing second. In 2019, it was once again the Beetle that took Tanner Foust to the title, fending off an immense effort from the Subaru works team, and marking the end of an incredible legacy.

Motorsport Director at Volkswagen, Sven Smeets said; “Adapting such a loveable car as the Beetle for the contact sport that is Rallycross was by no means an everyday task for us” With four-wheel drive and 560bhp under the bonnet, the Beetle raced its way into the history books of US motorsport. Congratulations to the Volkswagen Andretti Motorsport team, which was virtually unbeatable with the Beetle for five years“.

The Beetle R will go down in history as one of the most successful Rallycross cars in history, but where does this leave Volkswagen? Yes, the Beetle is retired from the sport but Volkswagen, apparently, have not. Will we see a brand new car fielded for the 2020 season of ARX? Only time will tell.

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