Günther: First win ‘means an awful lot to me’

by Scott Douglas

Maximilian Günther has said that his first victory in Formula E was all the more significant for him after it came one year on from being temporarily dropped from the series.

It was after the Santiago ePrix last year that the German driver was dropped by GEOX Dragon in favour of Felipe Nasr.

Although Günther returned for the team four races later in Rome, the period still holds bad memories for him as he was forced to take what he described as a ‘break’ in his Formula E career.

But one year on and after a switch to BMW i Andretti Motorsport, the twenty-two-year-old is thrilled at becoming the youngest winner ever in the series.

“I am still absolutely delighted, particularly as I enjoy watching the footage of the race and reliving the emotions time and again,” Günthersaid.

“As I said straight after the race, the victory was a dream come true for me. What we achieved as a team in Santiago means an awful lot to me.

“One year ago, I had to take a break from my Formula E career after the race in Santiago. To now win, twelve months later, at the same venue, shows that I was right to keep believing in myself, working hard, and sticking to my guns.”

Key to his win was integrating quickly into his new team, and Günther said that he has felt at home with them immediately.

“Right from the first test, I have felt extremely happy in the team and have settled in very quickly,” he said.

“From the word go, I felt my biggest task was, as quickly as possible, to get on so well with every member of the team that we are able to work together at the highest possible level.

“We are making good progress in that regard, but there is definitely still room for improvement. After all, that was only my third race for the team. It is obviously great to be rewarded so early for the hard work with a win.”

Günther’s win was the first points he scored this season, but he sits in fourth place in the championship on twenty-five points going into the Mexico City ePrix on the 15th of February.

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