Ken Block to enter his ‘Cossie V2’ to Rally Mexico

by Pontus Lindroos

Rally driver, rallycross driver, X-Games medal winner and YouTube star Ken Block will be entering his Ford Escort RS Cosworth to Rally Mexico alongside his co-driver Alex Gelsomino.

Block will enter the car that was once was part of the FIA World Rally Championship back in the early 90s in an open category, along with other cars that regularly participate in the North American Championships.

Credit: Hoonigan Racing Division

As his previous Cosworth was destroyed in a fire, Block built a new car to compete with last year, nicknamed ‘Cossie V2‘. The new car is based on the classic rally car but with modern technology providing more horsepower than the cars back in the 90’s. therefore Block will compete in the rally with a speed restrictor to avoid any danger.

“It is a car that was an icon in its time,” said Gilles Spitalier, Rally Mexico Director, “but that does not fit in the traditional categories that we have today,

“However, there is an American category, a kind of Open Class where he will be able to compete, but the regulation of FIA determines that it must have a lower speed than those cars originally have, Ken can not go faster than the rest of the cars because it would be a danger, then restrictors will be mounted to decrease the power a bit,”

Credit: Hoonigan Racing Division

It will be the sixth time that Block will take part in Rally Mexico, his debut was in 2007 with a Subaru Impreza and then, from 2010 to 2013, he took an M-Sport Ford Fiesta RS with which he finished twice in top 10, first with a ninth place in 2012 and the following year concluding in seventh place.

The livery will be unveiled at the Hoonigan’s official Burnyard Bash event in Irwindale now on 29 February.

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