Sky High: Matt Neal And Jason Plato Take Flight

Jason Plato and Matt Neal prepared to resume their battle at the top of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) standings by taking to skies with the Breitling Wingwalking team.

The aerial display team will be part of 'Silverstone Air', a series of displays and flypasts that will punctuate the on-track action from the Touring Cars and support events at the Northamptonshire track this weekend (Silverstone 21-22)

The two drivers took turns in being strapped onto the wing of the team's WWII era Boeing Stearman.

“I desperately thought I can’t be a wuss and hold on all the time,” said Neal. “What an unbelievable experience! It was pretty terrifying but it was amazing. I just can’t believe they do it for a living. My legs are still shaky, and there is a lot of leg to shake! What we have been doing must be basics in comparison to Danielle's [Danielle Hughes, the team's normal wingwalker] wingwalking skills.”

“I wasn’t aware they were going to pull some of those manoeuvres but it was mega! I wouldn’t want to do it as a day job though!” admitted Plato, who leads the championship ahead of the weekend’s three races. “It will look great over Silverstone during the weekend, and with us on the National Circuit there will be lots for spectators to enjoy.”

The Breitling team are just one part of the 'Silverstone Air' programme, scheduled to display on Saturday – a day which also includes qualifying for the BTCC and support series as well as the first four race of the weekend.

The action in the air will also include WWII fighters the Spitfire and P51 Mustang and the Vulcan bomber on Saturday. On Sunday fans will be able to see The Red Devils – the Parachute Regiment's display team – as well as The Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Avro Lancaster bomber.