BTCC 2011 Team-By-Team Preview: Dynojet

No.11 Frank Wrathall
Toyota Avensis
NGTC chassis and engine

Perhaps the team to embrace the Next Generation Touring Car concept the most Dynojet were early converts to the Avensis shape that was a shown off at the 2010 finale.

Wrathall's Toyota comes with the added interest of an engine derived from the Toyota's road going 3ZR engine, which development funded partly by the manufacturer, though Frank Wrathall Sr.'s team remain staunchly independent.

Like many of the teams bringing new cars onto the gird the timeframe for testing has been squeezed by late completion of the build of the car, immediately putting then on the back foot with only a week left between recieving the car and the first round of the championship.

Wrathall Jr. is one of a number of drivers drawn into the main series from the support paddock, though with the Ginetta G50 Cup crown under his belt – or atop his head – from last year he brings arguably the strongest CV of the newcomers. However, he is still a newcomer, with a new team, with a new car, with a new engine.

Frank Wrathall Jr. On………………Whether he feels any pressure after a victorious 2010
“I've already proved myself in a single make series which is important because that proves you as a driver but I'm obviously totally new to Touring Cars, a new team with a brand new car and brand new engine, so it's going to be a learning year and a challenging project but we're relishing it.”

Verdict: A typical new team year ahead. Initial struggles before steady improvement. Points on the board by summer.