MacDowall: More Equalisation Needed With Turbos

Alex MacDowall says that more equalisation is needed between the normally aspirated and turbo-powered cars in the British Touring Car Championship, following a frustrating round at Donington Park.

Despite this, the Silverline Chevrolet driver was pleased to score three points finishes from the three races at the East Midlands circuit.

“It's impossible to keep ahead of the turbo cars, the advantage they have is massive but we did the best we could with what we have this weekend,” said the 20-year-old Cumbrian. “You really have to drive out of your zone to try and keep the turbos back and to then try and keep up with them when they pass, which you can't prevent on the straights.

“We definitely need more equalisation between the normally aspirated cars and the turbos but that will take time. We've taken some good points away though this weekend, so there are definitely some positives for us. As always, the team did a fantastic job.”

After finishing ninth in both Race 1 and Race 2, MacDowall was handed pole position for Race 3 by the reverse grid draw. However, he was unable to prevent the turbo-powered Ford of Mat Jackson from passing him for the lead during the race. He slipped back over the remainder of the race to finish fourth, having been passed by the turbocharged Vauxhalls of Andrew Jordan and James Nash. MacDowall currently lies ninth in the drivers' standings after six races.