A Lap Of Knockhill With Aron Smith

Redstone Racing Ford Focus driver and TCF Blogger Aron Smith takes us on a lap of Knockhill which will be hosting the next round of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship.

Knockhill has to be one of my favourite tracks we visit, nowhere else can you look at sheep while you do a lap!

Duffus Dip

The first corner is all about bravery, I find it’s best to get all the braking done before the apex so the car is nice and settled before you dive down into duffus dip. Use all of the kerb on the inside but be careful of the raised kerb. Keep the car over to the left on the exit to set up for McIntyre.


After duffus dip if you’ve kept the car over to the left this shouldn’t be too hard. It’s all about getting a clean exit, apex late and pick up the power very cleanly to get a good run through Butchers and up to the Chicane.


This little chicane is really just setting you up for the big chicane! Make sure not to comprise yourself through here as it will really hurt you going into the chicane. Try not to be too aggressive on the steering through here as you want to keep the car nice and settled.

The Chicane (adequately named corner!)

The approach to the chicane is blind and it does feel like you’re going to take off but pick the kerb on the right hand bit as your reference point and aim the car over it. Again you want a good exit so start building back up the throttle before the second kerb.


The long right hander! You need to use the entire inside kerb apart from the raised red section as it has tendency to make the car go air born! The second half of the kerb is where you want to position the car as you pick up the power.


The final hairpin is all about being as late on the brakes as possible. Really square the corner off so you can launch it down the straight.. In the race be carefull of super lungers down the inside!

And there we have it, a lap of knockhill- the only track that rivals a rally cross track!