Third Generation Racer Hill Joins Fortec For FIA F3 Euro

The line up for Fortec Motorsport in this year’s FIA F3 European Championship is finally complete, as the first race in Monza is just over three weeks away, as 22-year-old Josh Hill joins the outfit, sporting four cars this season.

Hill carries on the proud family racing tradition for the third successive generation, after father Damon and grandfather Graham, who both have become Formula One Champions, He is also accompanied in the quartet by former GP3 Russian racer Dmitry Suranovich who competed with Marussia Manor Racing last year.

The 17-year-old’s most infamous moment coming at the Monaco race, after being involved in the horror skyward-bound crash involving America’s Conor Daly, as they came out the tunnel, which saw the Russian disqualified, and Daly walking away from his battered Lotus GP machine.

The British hopeful recognizes the impressive talent that have graced the series before him, which includes current F1 alumni, but knows that it will be a competitive affair from the minute the season gets underway. He is, however, up for the challenge: “It’s great to be racing in the 2013 F3 European Championship. I just can’t wait for contesting my first tests and the first race at Monza.”

This is as well as German hopeful Sven Müller competing in the series for the second straight season, as he makes the move from Prema Powerteam to ma-con Motorsport, after a credible racing year in 2012, securing a race win and six finishes on the podium. The Mainz racer will also be partnered with André Rudersdorf, as the Brandenburg-based team will look to secure valuable points in the championship this year.