Oliphant: Thruxton is “like nowhere else in the country”

by Tom Jackson

Team BMW driver Tom Oliphant says the Thruxton race track is “like nowhere else in the country” and that finding an optimal setup will be as challenging as ever this weekend.

The 28-year-old enters the weekend off the back of his first BTCC podium finish in Donington.

“I’m really excited for Thruxton, and it’s great to be going there off the back of my first podium finish with Team BMW. It was extremely rewarding to tick that one off so early on in the season,” Oliphant said. “I already feel very much at home in the 3 Series and inside the team.”

Team BMW took full advantage of the test day held at Thruxton last month where, despite Oliphant finishing with the 14th fastest time, the team’s focus was on understanding a variety of different setup options.

“The 3 Series is naturally a very aerodynamic car. We covered all bases by trying out three radically different directions at the test last month and came away feeling pretty happy.”

He also heralds the challenges the Hampshire track creates.

“It’s the high-speed nature of the circuit that makes it so unique.”

“It’s like nowhere else in the country, and when you factor in the slower Chicane and Complex, it’s difficult to ever get the set-up completely spot-on – it’s always a compromise and always a challenge.”

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