Cosworth Electronics awarded BTCC Hybrid System contract

by Samuel Gill

Cosworth Electronics have been awarded the BTCC Hybrid System Contract by series organiser TOCA for the design, supply and servicing of the system set to be introduced from the 2022 British Touring Car Championship.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that TOCA were inviting companies to express their interest in supplying the new system with a round of tenders used to decide who would be awarded the contract. This was rigorous due to certain specifications such as packaging, performance and low-cost so a specific outline could be achieved for the successful company.

It is thought that the new system will be used by each driver for either passing or defending and will as a result mean new competitive strategies and opportunities during the races meaning further innovation in the championship.

Simulations were done as a result using Silverstone Circuit to define how the new system will work and more testing and simulations will be done as a result before it is introduced in just under 3 years time.

The total weight though of this new hybrid system is well within the current operating window of all the cars currently on the grid and it will at least 10kg less in terms of the maximum success ballast which is currently used.

Below is an overview of the new 2022 BTCC – Cosworth Hybrid system with what it will bring to the grid when it is introduced.

‘P2 off-axis’ hybrid system;

  • 60v high power – low volt system
  • Electric motor integrates within modified current BTCC Xtrac gearbox
  • Separate custom hybrid motor cooling unit
  • Utilising the best power-to-weight hybrid motor currently available
  • Compact size and weight: 7.5 kg 
  • Little disruption to current NGTC specification
  • Calibrated and driver-adjustable regeneration

Bespoke Delta Motorsport 60v battery pack;

  • Battery weight: 20 kg – housed within IP67 rated isolated composite safety cell 
  • Incorporated battery coolant system
  • Quick release connectors
  • Easy removal and replacement – less than 10 minutes 
  • Charging via 240v wall socket – one hour full charge time
  • Replaces current ballast box 

Modifications required to current car;

  • Updated gearbox case (not all internals) to incorporate electric motor
  • Additional electronic connections
  • Changes to some intercooler locations and pipes.
  • Upgraded Cosworth ‘Antares’ electronics suite 
  • Total fully installed system weight approx. 64 kg – including electric motor, battery, controllers, looms, pumps, pipes, cables, fluids etc.

Hybrid Performance;

  • Push to pass or defend – power gain of approx. 40+ bhp
  • Maximum of 15 seconds per lap – available after first lap
  • No limit on number of uses per lap – can only be used when full traction
  • Alternative calibrations for wet track conditions
  • Cars will drive the length of the pit lane on full electric power
  • Configurable percentages of hybrid output/regeneration rate – this will replace the use of success ballast weights 
  • On-car LED light system to display hybrid deployment
  • Hybrid power is additional to the current BTCC 2 litre turbo engine power – there is no reduction to either its power output…. or exhaust note

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