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2023 Rallye du Maroc: 136 riders make up FIM grid

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Credit: Kin Marcin/Red Bull Content Pool

The most recent World Rally-Raid Championship round, the Desafío Ruta 40 in late August, had ninety-nine total competitors across every class. The W2RC season-ending Rallye du Maroc‘s Rally2 category alone came so close to equating that with a whopping ninety-seven, the most in 2023 and even beating the Dakar Rally by one.

While Rally2 tends to be the largest class with its concentration of amateur and developmental riders, the Rallye du Maroc in particular frequently draws entries in excess of eighty or even ninety. The 2021 race had ninety while 2022 saw ninety-three.

By comparison, the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge had the most behind Morocco and Dakar with just twenty-nine. The Sonora Rally featured fourteen while Desafío Ruta 40 had nineteen. The stark dichotomy can be simultaneously attributed to Morocco being a popular rally raid hub while the rally is typically used as a final dress rehearsal for those entering the Dakar.

To this end, many of the non-championship Rally2 riders in Morocco with their last W2RC action being the season opener at the Dakar or another one-off later in the calendar. Fabien Domas, Mathieu Dovèze, Tomás de Gavardo, and Thomas Kongshøj are among those who fall under the former, while the latter camp includes Sunier, Diego Llanos, and Modestas Siliunas. Marshall Méplon is a W2RC newcomer. Samuel Fremy, who last raced at Dakar in 2022, returns to Morocco for his first entry since 2021.

Tobias Ebster will race in Morocco for the first time after punching his 2024 Dakar Rally ticket by winning the ADDC. Javier Campos, Borja Pérez Casimiro, and Sébastien Herbet are running their inaugural championship races of the year to prepare for Dakar.

Others like Romain Bouzigon, Matthieu Jauffraud, Toby Hederics, Maxime Pouponnot, Jonathan Savel, and Carl and Craig Searles have more long-term plans with their Rallye du Maroc entries as part of their Dakar 2025 roadmap.

Fifty Rally2 competitors are entered in the Road to Dakar subcategory, whose winner will earn free registration for the 2024 or 2025 Dakar Rally. While those like Siliunas have already been accepted for the 2024 edition, an RtD win would ease some financial burden for them. Conversely, an outstanding performance can also flip a Dakar rejection into an acceptance.

One of the RtD hopefuls is W2RC newcomer Gioele Meoni, son of the late Dakar bike star Fabrizio Meoni. He plans to sell his bike after completing his first Dakar Rally and donate the proceeds to his family’s foundation as part of his Dakar4Dakar programme.

W2RC Rally3 champion Amine Echiguer will move up to Rally2. Sunier and Neels Theric, who raced at Dakar and Sonora, will lead a four-man effort for Kove Moto alongside Fang Xiangling and new factory rider Xavier Flick; the former joined the team at the Taklimakan Rally in May.

Among those fighting for the Rally2 championship, Romain Dumontier enters with a thirteen-point lead on Paolo Lucci and twenty-one over Jean-Loup Lepan.

Christian AboudSouleymane AddahriGuillaume BorneMamadou Boucoum, and Cheikh Yves Jacquemain are representing the Africa Rally Team, a nine-person programme created by the Rallye du Maroc to cultivate local rally raiders.

The expanded field also applies to RallyGP, where the usual crew has some new and returning company. Perhaps the most notable face is the return of Skyler Howes, who has traded in his blue Husqvarna firesuit for the red of Monster Energy Honda Rally Team. Alongside the five Honda factory riders, non-W2RC competitor Tosha Schareina hopes to go back-to-back after winning the DR 40.

After last appearing at Dakar, Sherco Factory Racing is back with RallyGP bikes for Rui Gonçalves, Harith Noah, and Lorenzo Santolino. The manufacturer figures to turn their luck around after Gonçalves and Noah retired from Dakar, while Santolino will try to recapture his magic from that race as he finished ninth overall.

Dakar champion Kevin Benavides and Sonora winner Daniel Sanders are not included on the entry list after missing Argentina due to injuries, though both have indicated they are are at least travelling to Morocco. The former’s brother Luciano Benavides enters Morocco as the points leader with just nine points on Toby Price and fourteen on Adrien Van Beveren.

Thirteen make up the Rally3 class, which appears for the third time in 2023 after Sonora and Argentina; the Morocco effect also applies here as those rounds had a paltry three riders each. Ardit Kurtaj hopes to clinch the championship as he leads Sonora victor Massimo Camurri by twenty points; Alexander Chepurkó, the only other rider in the field to have raced in 2023, is twenty-nine points back.

Although he skipped the DR 40, Laisvydas Kancius remains atop the Quad standings with a sixteen-point advantage over Rodolfo Guillioli. Defending champion Alexandre Giroud will run his first race since winning Dakar.

CFMOTO, a Chinese manufacturer like Kove, returns after scoring a Quad podium at Abu Dhabi, with Gaëtan Martinez and Mindaugas Skudutis competing under the CFMOTO Thunder Racing Team banner. Team manager Antanas Kanopkinas will not take part due to injury sustained in a crash at the Dinaric Rally in August while Adomas Gančierius, who scored the ADDC podium, is entered in an SSV with Algirdas Talutis.

The Rallye du Maroc runs from 13 to 18 October.

FIM entry list


1Sam SunderlandRed Bull GasGas Factory RacingGasGas 450 Rally Factory
2Ricky BrabecMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF 450 Rally
7Pablo QuintanillaMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF 450 Rally
8Toby PriceRed Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM 450 Rally Factory
10Skyler HowesMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF 450 Rally
11José Ignacio CornejoMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF 450 Rally
14Sebastian BühlerHero MotoSportsHero 450
15Lorenzo Santolino*Sherco Factory RacingSherco 450 Rally
16Ross BranchHero MotoSportsHero 450
19Rui Gonçalves*Sherco Factory RacingSherco 450 Rally
20Harith Noah*Sherco Factory RacingSherco 450 Rally
27Joaquim RodriguesHero MotoSportsHEro 450
42Adrien Van BeverenMonster Energy Honda Rally TeamHonda CRF 450 Rally
52Matthias WalknerRed Bull KTM Factory RacingKTM 450 Rally Factory
68Tosha Schareina*Honda TeamHonda CRF 450 Rally
77Luciano BenavidesHusqvarna Factory RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally Factory


30Romain DumontierTeam Dumontier RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally
31Paolo LucciBAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
32Bradley CoxBAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
33Michael DochertyBAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
34Konrad DąbrowskiDUUST Diverse RacingKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
36Dominique Cizeau GiraultXraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
37Mathieu Dovèze*BAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Replica
38Neels Theric*Kove MotoKove 450 Rally
39Benjamin Melot*Team Esprit KTMKTM 450 Rally
40Jon Florea*Gerula RacingKTM 450 Rally Replica
41Jeremy Miroir*Fantic Rally TeamFantic 450 Rally
43Jan Brabec*Strojrent RacingKTM 450 Rally Replica
44Tommaso Montanari*Fantic Rally TeamFantic 450 Rally
45Sunier*Kove MotoKove 450 Rally
46Cesar Rojo*BAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
48Jeremy Poncet*Xtrem GarageHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
49Fang Xiangliang*Kove MotoKove 450 Rally
50Thomas Georgin*Enduro Normandie Rally TeamHusqvarna 450 Rally
51Mathieu Girard*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
53Thomas Kongshøj*Joyride Race ServiceKTM 450 Rally Replica
54Josep Pedró Subirats*Xraids ExperienceHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
55Max Bianucci*Nomade RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
56Rémy Brochart*RM Nature et ÉnergieKTM 450 Rally
57Gad Nachmani*Club Aventura TouaregKTM 450 Rally
58Dennis Mildenberger*Nomadas AdventureKTM 450 Rally Replica
59Darren Goodman*Nomadas AdventureKTM 450 EXC-F
61Jim Moisa*Enduro Normandie Rally TeamHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
62Frédéric Grignion*RM Nature et ÉnergieKTM 450 Rally
63Javier Campos*Javier CamposKTM 450 Rally
64Modestas Siliunas*AG Dakar SchoolKTM 450 Rally Replica
65Arnaud Domet*DOM TeamGasGas 450 Rally Replica
66Bertrand Domet*DOM TeamGasGas 450 Rally Replica
67Bruno Leblanc*Bruno LeblancKTM 450 Rally Replica
69Jorge Escobedo Gil*Pedrega TeamHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
70Jérôme Bas*Team Giroud Universal RideKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
71Toby Hederics*BAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
72Tomás de Gavardo*BAS World KTM Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
73Matthieu Jauffraud*Matthieu JauffraudKTM 450 Rally Replica
74Mathieu Feuvrier*Nomade RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
76Jean-Loup LepanDUUST Diverse RacingKTM 450 Rally Replica
78Stéphane Bouvier*Team BS AdventureYamaha WR450F Rally Replica
79Amine Echiguer*Amine EchiguerKTM 450 Rally
80Mykolas Paulavicius*Mykolas Paulavicius Dakar TeamKTM 450 Rally Replica
81Jonathan Savel*Jonathan SavelKTM 450 Rally
82Christopher Jautard*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
83Marshall Méplon*Marshall MéplonKTM 450 Rally Replica
84Carl Searles*Searles2DakarHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
85Jean-Philippe Révolte*Révolte RacingKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
86Guillaume Martin*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
87Damien Bataller*Team DB RacingKTM 450 Rally
88Jérémie Gerber*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
89Paul Costes*Nomade RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
90Adrien Costes*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
91Samuel Fremy*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
92Gediminas Satkus*AG Dakar SchoolKTM 450 Rally Replica
93Julien Jagu*Julien JaguGasGas 450 Rally Replica
94Alexandre Vaudan*Team CasteuKTM 450 Rally
95Rémy Moreau*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
96Frédéric Baudry*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally Replica
97Maxime Pouponnet*Team Maxime PouponnetFantic 450 Rally
98Fabien Domas*Drag’on Rally TeamGasGas 450 Rally Replica
99Craig Searles*Searles2DakarHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
100Stéphane Brunaud*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
101Guillaume Rosier*Guillaume RosierKTM 450 EXC-F
102Borja Pérez Casimiro*Borja Pérez CasimiroHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
103Loïc Peyrichout*Team LPCHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
104Benjamin Bourdariat*RS Concept TeamKTM 450 EXC-F
105Martin Prokeš*Orion – Moto Racing GroupKTM 450 Rally Replica
106Jaromír Romančík*Orion – Moto Racing GroupKTM 450 Rally Replica
107Dušan Drdaj*Orion – Moto Racing GroupKTM 450 Rally Replica
108Julien Dalbec*Nomade RacingKTM 450 Rally
109Diego Llanos*Xraids ExperienceKTM 450 Rally Factory Replica
110Salvador Guiomar Vargas*Xraids ExperienceHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
112Sébastien Herbet*Team Dumontier RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally
113Perrick Demonceaux*Dems MachineHusqvarna 450 Rally Replica
114Alexandre Yon*Enduro Normandie Rally TeamHusqvarna FE 450
115Adrien Roland*RM Nature et ÉnergieKTM 450 Rally Replica
116Slawomir Sypien*DUUST Diverse RacingKTM 450 Rally Replica
117Jakub Krezymon*DUUST Diverse RacingKTM 450 Rally Replica
118Benjamin Lepelley*Team Dumontier RacingHusqvarna 450 Rally
119Steff Rowe* #Steff RoweKTM 450 Rally
120Ramon Vidal Bregante*Ramon Vidal BreganteKTM 450 Rally Replica
121John Spelier*HT Rally Raid Husqvarna RacingHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
122Weston Carr*HT Rally Raid Husqvarna RacingHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
123Fabian Von Thuengen*HT Rally Raid Husqvarna RacingHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
124Axel Mustad*HT Rally Raid Husqvarna RacingHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
125Ganzorig Chuluun*HT Rally Raid Husqvarna RacingHusqvarna FR 450 Rally
126Gioele Meoni*Dakar4DakarKTM 450 Rally
127Ferran Zaragoza Rosa*Pedrega TeamKTM 450 Rally Replica
128Clément Artaud*Team Dumontier RacingHusqvarna FE 450
129Xavier Flick*Kove MotoKove 450 Rally
131Jane Daniels* #Fantic Rally TeamFantic 450 Rally
133Yael Kadshai* #Nomade RacingGasGas RX 450F
134Christian AboudAfrica Rallye TeamKTM 450 Rally Replica
136Guillaume BorneAfrica Rallye TeamHusqvarna 450 Rally
137Tobias Ebster*Kini Rally Racing TeamKTM 450 Rally Replica
139Romain BouzigonTeam Esprit KTMKTM 450 Rally Replica
Underscore – Road to Dakar participant
Bold – Junior Trophy competitor
Italics – Veteran Trophy competitor
# – Women’s Trophy competitor


150Ardit KurtajXraids ExperienceKTM 450 EXC-F
151Massimo CamurriMcDonald’s Rally TeamKTM 450 EXC-F
153Alexander ChepurkóMoto Technik Team Silk RiderKTM 450 EXC-F Six Days
154Richárd HodolaRichárd HodolaKTM 450 EXC
155Timothée VacherandTeam S-PassMotoKTM 450 EXC
156Mathilde DelsauxTeam S-PassMotoKTM 450 EXC
157Hugues DeliègeTeam S-PassMotoKTM 450 EXC
158Alexis Van de WoestyneTeam S-PassMotoKTM 350
161Jean-Luc TaorminaTaorminaKTM 450
162Romain MonnotRomain MonnotHusqvarna 450 FE
163Mamadou BoucoumAfrica Rallye TeamKTM 450 EXC-F
164Cheikh Yves JacquemainAfrica Rallye TeamKTM 450 EXC-F
165Souleymane AddahriAfrica Rallye TeamHusqvarna 450 FE


180Laisvydas KanciusStory Racing SROYamaha Raptor 700
181Rodolfo GuillioliPepitas Racing TeamYamaha Raptor 700
182Juraj VargaVarga MotorsportYamaha Raptor 700
183Manuel Andújar7240 TeamYamaha Raptor 700
184Semuel Desbuisson*Drag’on Rally TeamYamaha Raptor 700
185Toni Vingut*Visit Sant Antoni – IbizaYamaha Raptor 700
186Alexandre Giroud*Drag’on Rally TeamYamaha Raptor 700
187Jérôme Connart*Team GiroudYamaha Raptor 700
188Mindaugas SkudutisCFMOTO Thunder Racing TeamCFMOTO CFORCE 1000
189Gaëtan MartinezCFMOTO Thunder Racing TeamCFMOTO CFORCE 1000
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